Definition of gripe in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɡrīp/


1 [reporting verb] informal Express a complaint or grumble about something, especially something trivial: [no object]: they gripe about the busywork [with direct speech]: “Holidays make no difference to Simon,” Pat griped
More example sentences
  • For weeks I griped and complained about the fact that my boxes hadn't arrived from England yet.
  • We chunter through each day, grumbling, griping and groaning.
  • They will grumble, they will gripe, they will moan about waiting lists and rotten food.
complain, grumble, grouse, protest, whine, bleat
informal moan, bellyache, beef, bitch, kvetch
British  whinge, kvetch
2 [with object] Affect with gastric or intestinal pain: it gripes my belly like a green apple (as adjective griping) then the griping pains started
More example sentences
  • Nowadays an infusion of coriander is recommended for relieving flatulence, bloating and griping pains, as well as for suppressing the lingering smell of garlic.
  • It started to gripe my stomach too.
  • Sometimes the griping pain was so severe that she screamed and tossed in the bed.
3 [with object] archaic Grasp tightly; clutch: Hilyard griped his dagger
4 [with object] Nautical Secure (a boat) with gripes.
Example sentences
  • The boat must be fully griped in at the davits and the harbour stop pins must be out.
5 [no object] Sailing (Of a ship) turn to face the wind in spite of the helm.
Example sentences
  • I had occasion to observe the vessel griped to windward considerably.


1 informal A complaint, especially a trivial one: his biggest gripe is that he has lost his sense of privacy
More example sentences
  • These are all relatively minor gripes, admittedly.
  • Our minor gripes were far out-weighed by some superb service and good quality food.
  • Though it seemed a legitimate gripe, complaining did no good.
complaint, grumble, grouse, grievance, objection;
cavil, quibble, niggle
informal moan, beef, kvetch
British  whinge
2 (usually gripes) Gastric or intestinal pain; colic.
Example sentences
  • Plenty of time for late night blogging while coping with teething, chronic gripe and insomnia from 4am feeds.
  • Andres was suffering from gripe and sinus problems for a couple weeks.
  • When I brought him home he slept and then he started to cry loudly and I thought he had gripe.
3 archaic An act of grasping tightly.
Example sentences
  • Do we know that there is a possibility, on any terms, of unclasping the firm gripe of this little Hand, which was laid upon me before I came into the world?
  • Holding me with a strong gripe by the cord that tied my hands, he with many oaths threatened to kill me immediately if I would not be quiet.
4 (gripes) Nautical Lashings securing a boat in its place on deck or in davits.
Example sentences
  • The whole operation is performed by one man only in the boat, who, by simply paying off a rope, unlashes and frees the boat from the ship's gripes.
  • As soon as we lowered the starboard action boat to the next deck the gripes of the boat caught and we had to cut them with an axe.



Example sentences
  • But that's not what the gripers are really complaining about.
  • You can silence the gripers, but they'll come back later and undermine the effort.
  • Next to the defeated politician, the writer is the most vocal and inventive griper on earth.


Old English grīpan 'grasp, clutch', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch grijpen, German greifen 'seize', also to grip and grope. sense 2 of the verb dates from the 17th century; sense 1 of the verb, of US origin, dates from the 1930s.

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