Definition of haplontic in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌhapˈlän(t)ik/


(Chiefly of an alga or other lower plant) having a life cycle in which the main form is haploid, with a diploid zygote being formed only briefly. Compare with diplontic and diplohaplontic.
Example sentences
  • Most are saprophytic similar to true fungi. v. Sexual life cycle is diplontic, fungi have haplontic cycle.
  • The life-cycle is of haplontic type showing alternation of dominant haploid stage with short-lived diploid stage.
  • This pattern is reverse of haplontic type.



Pronunciation: /ˈhapˌlänt/
Example sentences
  • Coexistence of sexual and asexual reproduction within the same individual is an intriguing problem, especially when it concerns homothallic haplonts, like the fungus Aspergillus nidulans.
  • The haploid filamentous plants are known as haplonts which reproduce asexually by zoospores or aplanospores producing the individuals like parents.
  • The individuals or cells as a result of mitosis are haplonts, hence this life cycle is also called haplontic life cycle.
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