Definition of harmonious in English:


Syllabification: har·mo·ni·ous
Pronunciation: /härˈmōnēəs


1Tuneful; not discordant: harmonious music
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  • And they showed him where they belong to with their music that was a harmonious mix of Bhojpuri, African, Latino and even Bollywoodi!
  • After a day of hard work, you can sit down and enjoy one cup of freshly brewed cappuccino with a choice of tempting cakes and fruit tarts, while listening to the harmonious sounds of a live pianist playing your favourite tunes.
  • She giggled lightly, her voice so harmonious and free that at that moment I had no worries and no doubts.
euphonious, euphonic, harmonic, polyphonic
informal easy on the ear
1.1Forming a pleasing or consistent whole: the decor is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern
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  • What we end up with is a surprisingly harmonious blend of, well, video game tunes and traditional style Celtic rhythms.
  • The piece mirrors a harmonious blend of contemporary fashion culled out of traditional art form.
  • Osmania University was a harmonious blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture, Prof. Rao pointed out.
congruous, coordinated, balanced, in proportion, compatible, well matched, well balanced
literary consilient
1.2Free from disagreement or dissent: harmonious relationships
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  • Jen is an essential element of Confucianism and represents an ideal state in which an individual maintains harmonious social relationships with his fellow men.
  • So lying between individuals raises questions of personal integrity, character, and the kind of trust which is vital to any harmonious relationship.
  • A harmonious relationship with trust and respect flowing in all directions amongst the stakeholders will be to everyone's long term advantage.
friendly, amicable, cordial, amiable, congenial, easy, peaceful, peaceable, cooperative;
compatible, sympathetic, united, attuned, in harmony, in rapport, in tune, in accord, of one mind, seeing eye to eye



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  • Those who press for the abolition of Catholic schools say that children who are not schooled together can never interact or relate harmoniously to one another in adult life.
  • This was followed by a drum rendition by five students, demonstrating their grasp of rhythm and timing as well as their ability to perform harmoniously as a group.
  • The World Family Day celebration was the culmination of yearlong activities intended to create a world that lives together harmoniously.


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  • Indeed harmoniousness is built into the whole concept of Cubist pictorial art as a structure of linked or overlapping planes into which everything in the picture * objects and background * is integrated.
  • For Rothko the experience of beauty is ‘the experience of rightness, reflected in an ideal of proportions, and as an apperception of harmoniousness, whose recognition produces an exaltation.’
  • The traditional feeling of attachment to the US, characterised by a general harmoniousness since the end of the Second World War, has soured into a sceptical and even hostile attitude.

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