Definition of hazardous in English:


Syllabification: haz·ard·ous
Pronunciation: /ˈhazərdəs


Risky; dangerous: we work in hazardous conditions it is hazardous to personal safety
More example sentences
  • He added that it would be wrong to assume that mobile phones were hazardous to human health.
  • He has been asked whether emissions from the refinery are hazardous to human health.
  • At least one candidate in the election reports that campaigning has proven hazardous to his health.
risky, dangerous, unsafe, perilous, precarious, fraught with danger;
unpredictable, uncertain, chancy, high-risk, insecure, touch-and-go
informal dicey, hairy


mid 16th century: from French hasardeux, from hasard 'chance' (see hazard).



More example sentences
  • When the weight that physicians know to be hazardously overweight is considered normal weight by the general public, major health problems are on the horizon.
  • He envisaged himself wobbling on the edge of an invisible cliff, leaning hazardously this way and that.
  • Five drivers were caught driving hazardously under the influence of liquor.


More example sentences
  • These chemicals were sorted in a descending order of their hazardousness probability.
  • He sprayed ignition-retardant on the ground to reduce the hazardousness of the spilled gasoline.

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