There are 2 main definitions of haze in English:

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haze 1

Syllabification: haze


1A slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles.
Example sentences
  • Through the slight early morning haze, I could make out taller buildings to the left.
  • Polarizers are most commonly used to darken blue skies in outdoor and scenic photographs by cutting through atmospheric haze.
  • Atmospheric haze makes each layer of progressively distant peaks appear lighter in tone and color.
mist, fog, cloud;
smoke, vapor, steam
1.1A tenuous cloud of something such as vapor or smoke in the air: a faint haze of steam
More example sentences
  • Around 50 pool players competed in the weekly pool league, but the traditional haze of cigarette smoke hovering above the tables was missing.
  • I can see nothing but people through the ribbony haze of rising cigarette smoke.
  • The haze of smoke from cars hangs heavily around the suburbs.
2 [in singular] A state of mental obscurity or confusion: through an alcoholic haze
More example sentences
  • The rest of the evening passed away in a haze of confusion.
  • Tired commuters pass you in a haze, or daze.
  • The words penetrated the haze of confusion and shock that had momentarily frozen him in place.
blur, daze, confusion, muddle, befuddlement


Early 18th century (originally denoting fog or hoarfrost): probably a back-formation from hazy.

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There are 2 main definitions of haze in English:

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haze 2 Syllabification: haze


North American
1 [with object] Force (a new or potential recruit to the military, a college fraternity, etc.) to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks: rookies were mercilessly hazed
More example sentences
  • True, just about every university in the world hazed its freshmen.
  • It used to be that veterans hazed rookies by making them sing their school songs.
  • A Marine who doesn't quite measure up is hazed by two fellow Marines at the Corp's base in Cuba.
2 [with object] Drive (cattle) in a specified direction while on horseback.
Example sentences
  • He had little trouble hazing his quarry back.
  • They sign onto the Interagency Bison Management Plan, which continues the hazing, testing, and slaughter of bison.
  • Montana has ramped up its annual plan of hazing, capturing and slaughtering bison that leave the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.


Late 17th century (originally Scots and dialect in the sense 'frighten, scold, or beat'): perhaps related to obsolete French haser 'tease or insult'.

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