Definition of high ground in English:

high ground

Syllabification: high ground


1Land that is higher than the surrounding area, especially that which stays dry: they decided to climb to high ground and serve as lookouts
More example sentences
  • The water was rising fast and she didn't know if she would be able to find any high ground before she reached the town.
  • He got them on to some high ground and thought he had saved them.
  • The female selects a nest site and builds the nest on an area of high ground.
2 (the high ground) A position of superiority in a debate: if he turns it down, he will have lost the moral high ground to the president
More example sentences
  • To me, Fisk seemed determined to ignore those realities in order to keep his precious moral high ground.
  • It's not in the least clear who's going to win, or even who has the upper hand, or who holds the true moral high ground.
  • They affect to take the moral high ground while dragging the debate down into the sewers.