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Syllabification: hill


1A naturally raised area of land, not as high or craggy as a mountain.
More example sentences
  • The instructions were to design a simple landscape sketch using a minimum of five to six land forms - hills, mountains, lakes and so on.
  • Forests, meadow land, rolling hills and mountains, all populated with small villages, are on the menu.
  • The tribes, rightly, are required to show their connections with various rivers, mountains, hills, and land sites.
bank, bluff, ridge, slope, incline, gradient;
(hills)heights, highland(s), downs, elevation;
Geology drumlin
formal eminence
1.1A sloping piece of road or trail: they were climbing a steep hill in low gear
More example sentences
  • The course has steep hills, and the roads sweep wide, then narrow to cobblestones.
  • A tricky road, on a hill where the cars, as they coast down, can't help but nudge over 30.
  • The customer also added that the car seemed to run strange whenever she was descending a hill or steep grade.
1.2A heap or mound of something: a hill of sliding shingle
More example sentences
  • The couscous plate is a hill of semoule with carrots, chickpeas, a potato, two merguez and savoury broth.
  • It is a position that has long been no more than a hill of rhetorical dung.
  • Dip in to any part of the page and it's like lifting a rock off a hill of sleaze.
heap, pile, stack, mound, mountain, mass
2 (the Hill) informal short for Capitol Hill.


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1Form (something) into a heap.
1.1Bank up (a plant) with soil: if frost threatens our new plants, we hill them up
More example sentences
  • Soil hilled up around the corn plant as it grows stimulates further axillary root formation.
  • An alternative to this is hilling up the stem with more soil when it is 10-12 inches tall.
  • The process is known as hilling and is done just before the ground is likely to freeze solid.


Old English hyll, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin collis and Greek kolōnos 'hill'.


a hill of beans

[with negative] North American informal A thing of little value: the problems of one old actor don’t amount to a hill of beans
More example sentences
  • So for those patients and for their families and loved ones, I think this is a hill of bean.
  • The problem at the Norfolk, Va., storage facility wasn't just a hill of beans.
  • I'll write stuff or get on talk shows in front of millions and sneak in a few quips to try and entertain as well, but that really is a hill of beans.

as old as the hills

see old.

over the hill

informal Old and past one’s prime.
More example sentences
  • In the movie, Rocky will be a lonely, over the hill and impoverished loser, unloved by everyone and a shadow of his former mighty self.
  • I had my second child at 39 and that really was considered over the hill.
  • Of course she is completely over the hill and everyone knows it.

up hill and down dale

see up.

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