Definition of honeyguide in English:


Syllabification: hon·ey·guide
Pronunciation: /ˈhənēˌɡīd


A small bird of the Old World tropics, typically having drab plumage and feeding chiefly on beeswax and bee grubs. Two African kinds attract humans and other mammals, especially ratels, to bee nests.
  • Family Indicatoridae: four genera, especially Indicator
More example sentences
  • Unlike certain avian brood parasites, such as cuckoos and honeyguides, hatchling brown-headed cowbirds rarely directly destroy or actively displace host eggs and nestlings.
  • We also have a lesser honeyguide in our garden forest, a species prone to use woodhoopoes and other hole nesting birds as their host.
  • All species of honeyguide eat beeswax and honeycomb.

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