Definition of hot-tempered in English:


Syllabification: hot-tem·pered
Pronunciation: /ˌhätˈtempərd


Easily angered; quick-tempered.
More example sentences
  • Character wise, she is hot-tempered, bold, judgmental and jumps to conclusions easily.
  • ‘I'm generally less hot-tempered and confrontational than I was when I was younger,’ he says now, claiming to have mellowed with age.
  • I don't know about you, but having ‘a considerable level of alcohol’ in my blood tends to make me a little more impulsive, and who knows, maybe hot-tempered?
touchy, volatile, testy, tetchy, fractious, prickly, peppery, hotheaded, pugnacious
informal snappish, snappy, on a short fuse

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