Definition of hung in English:


Syllabification: hung
Pronunciation: /həNG
past and past participle of hang.


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1(Of a jury) unable to agree on a verdict.
More example sentences
  • This trial in fact, as a matter of record in this Court, was a retrial following a hung jury.
  • Was there a correlation between particular kinds of cases, and hung juries?
  • The first trial resulted in a hung jury, the jury couldn't reach a unanimous decision.
1.1(In the UK and Canada) (of an elected body) having no political party with an overall majority: a hung parliament
More example sentences
  • There is no doubt that the voters wanted to shake up the status quo and they have done this by creating what is almost a hung parliament.
  • If repeated nationwide, this swing would produce a hung parliament.
  • The markets will have been relieved that the election did not result in a hung parliament, as they hate uncertainty.
2 [predicative] (hung up) informal Emotionally confused or disturbed: people are hung up in all sorts of ways
2.1 (hung up about/on) Have a psychological or emotional obsession or problem about: guys are so hung up about the way they look
More example sentences
  • ‘We are deeply hung up about what we look like, about what we eat, about what we can and cannot change about ourselves,’ she says.
  • While rolling his eyes, he scoffed, ‘You aren't still hung up about that are you?
  • ‘Tell me what you were so hung up about,’ she said, turning to face him.
2.2Delayed or detained: my mother was probably hung up in traffic
3 [predicative] vulgar slang Used especially in similes to refer to the size of a man’s penis: he’s hung like a horse
More example sentences
  • At my age, you can either have a moral high horse or you can have sex so unless that high horse is hung like one, I'm easy.
  • Not that these things matter, of course, but he was hung like a horse.

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