Definition of hyperreal in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌhīpə(r)ˈrēəl/


1Exaggerated in comparison to reality.
Example sentences
  • They were really important to us in terms of understanding participation and how to blend the real and the hyperreal.
  • Remember how when comparing two hyperreal numbers we form three disjoint sets: the agreement set, and two order relation sets.
  • Baudrillard's schizophrenic is characterized by a terrifying overexposure to the hyperreal.
2(Of artistic representation) extremely realistic in detail.
Example sentences
  • Its contents were by turns phantasmagorical, hyperreal, surreal, and saturnalian.
  • Are all our future landscapes headed for the hyperreal?
  • In terms of recording, Millions Now Living is warm and thoroughly blended, as impressionistic as Albini's sound is hyperreal.



Pronunciation: /ˌhīpərˈrēəˌlizəm/
Example sentences
  • This highly expressionistic sense of hyperrealism is so potent that one might almost miss The Set-Up's poetic existential allegory.
  • I had to learn how to do hyperrealism, airbrushing and all that.
  • Weston's the king of this kind of hyperrealism, matching Morrison thought for thought.


Pronunciation: /-ist/
Example sentences
  • Osborne's 1956 kitchen-sink drama, heavily abridged, receives a hyperrealist production in the real kitchen of a real house.
  • Instead these post-Stalinist files shifted their emphasis from the reforging of the subject towards a hyperrealist description of the subject.
  • If he was going to reconstitute reality, then he had to do so without resorting to a hyperrealist presentation.


Pronunciation: /ˌhīpə(r)ˌrēəˈlistik/
Example sentences
  • All the work's possible dreams are gummed up to create a world that is glacial, hyperrealistic, and devoid of poetry.
  • It is half live action, half hyperrealistic animation.
  • In fact, his reliance on photographs was so great that his pictures often seem hyperrealistic, that is, more realistic than is possible.


Pronunciation: /ˌhīpə(r)ˌrēˈalitē/
Example sentences
  • Baudrillard was right: this was hyperreality.
  • In some ways, Truman is the only person who lives in ‘reality’, the ‘true man’; the rest of us are condemned to endure hyperreality.
  • As a reader reminded me the other day, it isn't reality, it's hyperreality.
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