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Syllabification: im·plic·it
Pronunciation: /imˈplisit

Definition of implicit in English:


1Implied though not plainly expressed: comments seen as implicit criticism of the policies
More example sentences
  • Resource limitation is an implicit assumption of any competition hypothesis and should be tested.
  • He conceded that such an inference would be only implicit.
  • They may also be curtailed, with the explanation left implicit.
implied, hinted at, suggested, insinuated;
unspoken, unexpressed, undeclared, unstated, tacit, unacknowledged, taken for granted;
inherent, latent, underlying, inbuilt, incorporated;
understood, inferred, deducible
1.1 [predicative] (implicit in) Essentially or very closely connected with; always to be found in: the values implicit in the school ethos
More example sentences
  • In any case, whether or not our present lethal lack of cohesion can be attributed to the rise of multiculturalism, the moral relativism implicit in that view always made it a dubious position to hold.
  • This would also provide tremendous fodder for analysis of the social networks implicit in links.
  • This view is so fundamentally flawed yet so implicit in the Australian mentality that it seems almost impossible to efface or even moderate.
2With no qualification or question; absolute: an implicit faith in God
More example sentences
  • I have further narrowed the field of important questions by following some implicit principles.
  • The patient has read a bit, is very anxious, and reaches the doctor most often imagining the worst and with implicit faith in this ‘worker of miracles’.
  • He has implicit faith in his advice so in spite of many people's doubts and reservations, it is now as successful and professional a partnership as there is on tour.
3 Mathematics (Of a function) not expressed directly in terms of independent variables.
Example sentences
  • This paper contains his famous deep implicit function theorem.
  • Actually, since the domain of a function is usually implicit from context, putting the * in front of an extended function is slightly redundant and thus usually omitted.
  • In figure 2b, the implicit function is plotted for different values of q.


late 16th century: from French implicite or Latin implicitus, later form of implicatus 'entwined', past participle of implicare (see imply).



Example sentences
  • Whereas many researchers have discussed phenomena that relate to implicitness in texts, nobody has before to my knowledge made implicitness itself the main object of study.
  • Various forms of implicitness are shown to contribute to different levels of text coherence as identified by different foci of relevance.
  • Formal systems may range from a football team to the Cosmos; but in primal, natural systems, the idea of an embedded implicitness ultimately suggests a ‘Within’ in the heart of things.

Definition of implicit in:

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