Definition of impression in English:

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Pronunciation: /imˈpreSHən/


1An idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence: his first impressions of Manchester were very positive they give the impression that all is sweetness and light
More example sentences
  • He manages the feat of being at once soft-spoken and opinionated - giving the impression that he genuinely doesn't care what other people think of him.
  • Language is a means to communicate ideas and impressions, its development influenced by the environment, by physiological and psychological traits.
  • He was eager to share his impressions and opinions on my writings.
feeling, feeling in one's bones, sense, fancy, (sneaking) suspicion, inkling, premonition, intuition, presentiment, hunch;
notion, idea, funny feeling, gut feeling
opinion, view, image, picture, perception, judgment, verdict, estimation
1.1An effect produced on someone: her courtesy and quick wit had made a good impression
More example sentences
  • She added that if the city made a good impression on such visitors, there could be a spin-off benefit if they returned to York at a later date with their families or friends for a holiday.
  • His latest film has failed to make much of an impression on US critics, following its Christmas Day release in America.
  • It made a strong impression on me and, with other influences, led to my refusing to register with the Selective Service System two years later.
impact, effect, influence
1.2A difference made by the action or presence of someone or something: the floor was too dirty for the mop to make much impression
More example sentences
  • Up front the forwards made no impression and the fact that they failed to score tells its own story.
  • Over the years, punk, heavy metal, grunge, disco and dance have come and, in some cases, gone, but none have made the slightest impression on Motorhead's brutal oeuvre.
2An imitation of a person or thing, especially one done to entertain: he did an impression of Frank Sinatra
More example sentences
  • Harold entertained everyone with impressions of his namesake, Evans.
  • Owen laughed and I continued entertaining him with impressions until we pulled up to the curb of his house.
  • And I amused everyone at Urgent Care with my stunning impressions of ocean animals.
impersonation, imitation;
parody, caricature, burlesque, travesty, lampoon
informal takeoff, send-up, spoof
formal personation
2.1A graphic or pictorial representation of someone or something: the police have issued an artist’s impression of the attacker
More example sentences
  • Detectives circulated artists' impressions of the attacker, security was stepped up at the university and undercover police patrols were mobilised in the area.
  • Sources close to the project told Scotland on Sunday that while artists' impressions and outline plans exist for the roof, the technical details of how it will be built have still not been worked out.
  • More than any other medium, our perception of architecture is increasingly mediated through renders, walkthroughs and glossy artist's impressions.
representation, portrayal, depiction, rendition, interpretation, picture, drawing
3A mark impressed on a surface by something: the impression of his body on the leaves
More example sentences
  • You can then make shallow impressions on the surface of the ash.
  • The helmet is marked XL with an impression in the crushable foam.
  • In some instances, flat clay slabs have been found with the oblong symbols for numbers impressed on their surfaces together with many impressions of cylinder seals.
indentation, dent, mark, outline, imprint
3.1 Dentistry A negative copy of the teeth or mouth made by pressing them into a soft substance.
Example sentences
  • Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth using a kind of putty and send these to a laboratory where the splint is made.
  • This action will create an impression of the top teeth in the rubber material.
  • A dog-bite expert, who analysed dental impressions of Charlie's teeth, concluded that Mr Green's injuries were not caused by a dog.
4The printing of a number of copies of a book, periodical, or picture for issue at one time.
4.1 [usually with adjective] A particular printed version of a book or other publication, especially one reprinted from existing type, plates, or film with no or only minor alteration. Compare with edition.
Example sentences
  • A second impression was issued nine months after the first and Dodgson began to plan a sequel.
  • In some books he used three impressions: one for staves, another for notes and other musical signs, and the third for the text.
  • Of all the books' multiple impressions, two in particular stand out.
4.2A print taken from an engraving.
Example sentences
  • A mezzotint plate produced fewer impressions than a line engraving, but the engravers bewailed its invention, as being an easier and more facile process.
  • Wood engraving allows to make finer lines than woodcuts and more impressions from the same block.
  • Then he must recarve the second image into the remainder of the same block, apply the second color and print over the impressions of the first step.
5An instance of a pop-up or other Web advertisement being seen on computer users' screens.
Example sentences
  • Lycos currently do not provide keyword, impression or click-through stats, although they do intend to offer them in the near future.
  • Kelly also argues that unique user and page impression data are meaningless to advertisers as they do not in any way reflect the number of individuals going online.
  • Nobody buys full-run advertising on a site like that; major ad purchases are based on cost per thousand measured advertising impressions.


under the impression that

Believing, mistakenly or on the basis of little evidence, that something is the case: he was under the impression that they had become friends
More example sentences
  • I was also under the impression that there was something in the American constitution about freedom of speech.
  • She was under the impression that there was going to be a dance performance by the Russian girls.
  • I was under the impression that all questions were vetted by you before they went on to the Order Paper.



Pronunciation: /-SHənl/


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin impressio(n-), from impress- 'pressed in', from the verb imprimere (see imprint).

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Syllabification: im·pres·sion

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