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Syllabification: in·clu·sion
Pronunciation: /inˈklo͞oZHən


1The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure: federal legislation now mandates the inclusion of students who are English language learners
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  • This is not so much an offer of inclusion as an insistence upon it.
  • That this is a party which wishes to base itself upon compassion and inclusion is beyond doubt.
  • A number of pieces out of the union of the resultant lists will then be selected for inclusion in the book.
1.1A person or thing that is included within a larger group or structure: the exhibition features such inclusions as the study of the little girl
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  • What seems to give any flavor more appeal these days is the abundance of inclusions contained within the mix.
  • Any suggestions for inclusions gratefully received.
  • Hands-free phones, phreaking - hacking into phone systems for free calls - and fuzzy logic are all new inclusions.
2 Biology , Geology , & Metallurgy A body or particle recognizably distinct from the substance in which it is embedded.
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  • The composition of these minerals is known from a handful of outcrops containing inclusions of mantle material.
  • Magmatic inclusions in silicic and intermediate volcanic rocks.
  • At the cores of the aegirine spherulites there typically are inclusions of cubic crystals of villiaumite to 3 cm on edge.


early 17th century: from Latin inclusio(n-), from includere 'shut in'.

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