Definition of incorrect in English:


Syllabification: in·cor·rect
Pronunciation: /ˌinkəˈrekt


1Not in accordance with fact; wrong: the doctor gave you incorrect advice
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  • But the reporter did have some of her data incorrect and drew some wrong conclusions.
  • Women are expected to defer to men even when male views are seen as wrong or incorrect.
  • They are dishonest, misleading, factually incorrect, selective with data and paranoid.
2Not in accordance with particular standards or rules: strictly speaking, the form of address was incorrect
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  • However, that is just my gut reaction, I have no definitive grounds to rule you grammatically incorrect.
  • A not uncommon objection is that the questions framed by the national court are, in some sense, incorrect.
  • This is just a blatant incorrect usage that happened so often that the rules changed.
ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-judged, injudicious, unacceptable, unfitting, out of keeping, improper, unseemly, unbecoming, indecorous


late Middle English: from Latin incorrectus, from in- 'not' + 'made straight, amended' (see correct). Originally in the general sense 'uncorrected', the word was later applied specifically to a book containing many errors because it had not been corrected for the press.



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  • I note with interest the recent installation of a village sign that appears to have been incorrectly spelt.
  • He claimed, incorrectly, that the last DVD I rented was returned a day late.
  • In the excitement it is easy to forget that fireworks are explosives and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands or if used incorrectly.


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  • Now the political incorrectness of lighting up has taken the war on cigarettes from the realm of everyday life to a place where the curtain seems set to fall on the art of smoking in public performances.
  • Yet, in its clumsiness and incorrectness, it more accurately conveys Pamela's sense that she has done nothing wrong, though she is made to feel as if she has.
  • His conclusion in particular was stirring in its content and delivery, and very welcome in its determined political incorrectness.

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