Definition of increment in English:


Syllabification: in·cre·ment
Pronunciation: /ˈiNGkrəmənt


1An increase or addition, especially one of a series on a fixed scale: the inmates' pay can escalate in five-cent increments to a maximum of 90 cents an hour
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  • We need more troops in order to secure the region, and we then need an additional increment of non-American troops so we can begin to bring some of our men and women home.
  • A lot of the controversies have been around what's the next step in standards - do we add an additional increment in such and so emission or do we add an additional type of emission to the suite of things we already regulate?
  • During operation, the light guide is stepped across the tissue surface at a fixed increment, and fluorescence measurements are made from each discrete site.
increase, addition, supplement, gain, augmentation, accretion, addendum;
enlargement, enhancement, boost
informal hike
1.1A regular increase in salary on an incremental scale: he had waived his right to the second increment of $18 million so that it could be distributed among 40 employees
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  • This means, however, that the mother may lose not only her proficiency in her job, but also the regular salary increments that go along with normal performance.
  • The second round of talks on the annual wage and salary increments ended unresolved over the overtime issue.
  • As private sector workers they are not legally entitled to automatic increments in base salary.
1.2 Mathematics A small positive or negative change in a variable quantity or function.
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  • We estimated meal size from the sum of positive mass increments recorded between weighings.
  • But it does have an increment and decrement function, and primitive flow control.
  • If the hazard ratio is larger than one, then an increment increase in the variable causes an increase in the risk of predation.


[with object] chiefly Computing Back to top  
Cause a discrete increase in (a numerical quantity).
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  • The average person would think Intel would just increment the family code.
  • Increment a pixel's stencil value every time the pixel is written.
  • According to Macrovision, it "wakes up" every so often and increments counters in some of the product files.


late Middle English: from Latin incrementum, from the stem of increscere 'grow' (see increase).



Pronunciation: /ˌiNGkrəˈmentl, ˌin-/
More example sentences
  • The quest for power could in this context only be conceptualised in incremental terms over the past centuries.
  • While outsiders almost forgot he existed those inside the Murray Park boundaries witness the incremental return.
  • Almost ten years later, enduring violations far outweighed incremental improvements.
gradual, progressive, steady, step-by-step;
increasing, growing


Pronunciation: /ˌiNGkrəˈmentl-ē, ˌin-/
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  • No matter how rattled reporters seemed in November, change from within will come incrementally, not instantly.
  • And it seems to me over the years things have been changing incrementally up until about four or five, maybe six years ago.
  • It has also been a standard practice to allow the participants to absorb changes incrementally without causing any major dislocation.

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