Definition of indeterminate in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈtərmənət/


1Not exactly known, established, or defined: the date of manufacture is indeterminate
More example sentences
  • Luminous veils of white and yellow arise at the centers of her paintings, evoking indeterminate distance and establishing a mood of poetic reverie.
  • Unfortunately, the imported Italian color has faded to an indeterminate yellow.
  • ‘Well, at least this bit is as it should be,’ Graham said, pointing with a half-eaten croissant at a sour-faced lady of indeterminate years, stomping along the pavement.
undetermined, uncertain, unknown, unspecified, unstipulated, indefinite, unfixed
amorphous, shapeless, formless;
1.1(Of a judicial sentence) such that the convicted person’s conduct determines the date of release.
Example sentences
  • Overall, the Court's conclusions are expressed in terms that indicate no objection under article 3 to a mandatory indeterminate sentence for murder.
  • This is not a review of the position, for example, following an indeterminate sentence which may be imposed at the time of conviction.
  • This indeterminate sentence requires considerations of rehabilitation.
1.2 Mathematics (Of a quantity) having no definite or definable value.
Example sentences
  • He then continued his studies at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics investigating an indeterminate equation of degree three.
  • Firstly Abu Kamil is the first Arabic mathematician who we know solved indeterminate problems of the type found in Diophantus's work.
  • Samples were interpreted as indeterminate if the OD values were in the range 0.3-0.5 units.
1.3 Medicine (Of a condition) from which a diagnosis of the underlying cause cannot be made: indeterminate colitis
More example sentences
  • Many centres, however, suggest surgical excision of all indeterminate follicular lesions to make a definitive histological diagnosis.
  • Extrapolating our findings to this high risk population indicates that screening would identify more than 180 million uncalcified, radiologically indeterminate nodules.
  • These can be used to resolve the infection status of individuals with indeterminate serological results.
1.4 Botany (Of a plant shoot) not having all the axes terminating in a flower bud and so producing a shoot of indefinite length.
Example sentences
  • Leaves in vascular plants are produced by determinate growth on the flanks of indeterminate shoot apical meristems.
  • This model is characterized by a single monopodial trunk and plagiotropic, indeterminate branches.
  • The propagules of these predominantly arctic/alpine grasses consist of indeterminate spikelets, which revert to vegetative growth before dehiscing from the parent plant.



Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈtərmənəsē/
Example sentences
  • They represent past events that can be superimposed over present events to produce duration and enhance indeterminacy for individuals as social beings.
  • Where are the jazz musicians prepared to embrace this ‘double consciousness’ of jazz, to revel in its indeterminacy, yet commit to its particular rigour?
  • I appreciated anew that the road to hell is paved, if not necessarily with good intentions, then with indeterminacy, caution, uncertainty and fear.


Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈtərmənətlē/
Example sentences
  • The distorted fragments often appear androgynous, but even when gender is evident, it becomes clear that the video treats male and female bodies indeterminately.
  • The unlined, irregularly shaped, indeterminately sized chambers suggest that the new trace was the domicile for an arthropod, perhaps an amphipod-like or an isopod-like crustacean.
  • The consequence of this legislation is that people who may well not commit a further crime can be detained indeterminately, in effect, for the rest of their lives.


Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈtərmənətnəs/
Example sentences
  • Its grandeur fabricates a challenge to the indeterminateness of fate, even more so its finality, by preserving love and hope as viable antidotes to inevitable ends.
  • Pure being, he says, is pure indeterminateness and vacuity.
  • Uncertainty and indeterminateness are main properties of natural language.


Early 17th century: from late Latin indeterminatus, from in- 'not' + Latin determinatus 'limited, determined' (see determinate).

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