Definition of indeterminism in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈtərmənizəm/


1 Philosophy The doctrine that not all events are wholly determined by antecedent causes.
Example sentences
  • If it turns out that both determinism and indeterminism have these three intellectual virtues, can we come to a judgement about which one has the crowning virtue?
  • For any freedom not compatible with determinism would require indeterminism; and what is undetermined would happen by luck and could not be a free and responsible action.
  • The second main reply to that argument is that it involves an incoherent mix of determinism and indeterminism.
2The state of being uncertain or undecided.
Example sentences
  • The indeterminism made it uncertain whether she would go back to help or press onward.
  • Indeed, introducing indeterminism adds little in the way of worthwhile possibilities, opportunities, or competences to a universe.
  • I thought it may be indeterminism, but no such luck.



Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈtərmənəst/
Example sentences
  • Like William James, Popper was an indeterminist who saw history as a series of unforeseeable events.
  • If actions originate from noncausal events as indeterminists claim, then they are chaotic and untamed.
  • Compatibilists could in principle be indeterminists but in fact are nearly always determinists.


Pronunciation: /-ˌtərməˈnistik/
Example sentences
  • It's not as if they have indeterministic physics in their brains whereas the rest of us have deterministic physics.
  • Many philosophers find the idea of indeterministic causation counterintuitive.
  • She might deny, that every event is caused, thereby claiming that the universe is causally indeterministic.
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