Definition of indistinct in English:


Syllabification: in·dis·tinct
Pronunciation: /ˌindəˈstiNG(k)t


Not clear or sharply defined: his speech was slurred and indistinct
More example sentences
  • How vague and indistinct and undefined the ideas of most men are upon the subject!
  • First we see a blur on a snowy landscape, followed by an indistinct grey shadow hovering beyond the window of the child's bedroom.
  • By night, strange, murky, shady, characters emerge from the indistinct, nebulous corners.
blurred, out of focus, fuzzy, hazy, misty, foggy, cloudy, shadowy, dim, nebulous; unclear, obscure, vague, faint, indistinguishable, indiscernible, barely perceptible, hard to see, hard to make outindecipherable, illegible, unreadable, hard to readmuffled, muted, low, quiet, soft, faint, inaudible, hard to hear; muttered, mumbled


mid 16th century: from Latin indistinctus, from in- 'not' + distinctus 'separated, distinguished' (see distinct).



More example sentences
  • Throughout this piece bear in mind that my interlocutor mumbled indistinctly, and therefore I had to ask him to repeat everything.
  • ‘Neurotic behaviors were conceived as continuous with normal behaviors, the two blurring indistinctly into each other,’ he writes.
  • Sometimes she speaks indistinctly and we put the words together ourselves; sometimes we can't make out what she's saying or the words don't make sense.


More example sentences
  • With the world moving faster than internet shares on a trading screen, the danger of slipping into the void of indistinctness is greater than ever.
  • There is without doubt a certain indistinctness to Vermeer's handling of paint in many passages, and a frequent blurring of the boundaries between areas of colour.
  • There were better prints, from a technical point of view, in the show, but the hazy indistinctness of this one seemed to literalize its distance from us in time.

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