Definition of inefficient in English:


Syllabification: in·ef·fi·cient
Pronunciation: /ˌinəˈfiSH(ə)nt


Not achieving maximum productivity; wasting or failing to make the best use of time or resources: an old, inefficient factory the government was both inefficient and corrupt
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  • This he ascribed to two trends: declining productivity growth and the inefficient use of labour.
  • Indeed, it would be inefficient to waste time perfecting the literary value.
  • A fall in asset turnover is normally associated with an inefficient use of resources within a business.
ineffective, ineffectual, unproductive, incompetent, inept, incapable, unfit, unskillful, inexpert, amateurish, unprofessional;
disorganized, unprepared;
negligent, lax, sloppy, slack, careless
informal lousy, useless, good-for-nothing
uneconomical, wasteful, unproductive, time-wasting, slow;
deficient, disorganized, unsystematic



More example sentences
  • Most of those nations would then just borrow more and through corruption, inefficiency and sheer incompetence waste it again.
  • Could it be that Monica is herself afraid to expose the incompetence and inefficiency of this Government?
  • The inefficiency and incompetence of big men in high offices cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged.


More example sentences
  • Insulin resistance, a condition in which the body handles glucose poorly because cells respond inefficiently to insulin, is a precursor to type II diabetes.
  • A man who exercises his faculties but does so inefficiently or badly cannot be said to be making a success of his life.
  • She said: ‘It is appalling that public money is being used so inefficiently.’

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