Definition of innuendo in English:


Syllabification: in·nu·en·do
Pronunciation: /ˌinyəˈwendō

noun (plural innuendoes or innuendos)

An allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one: she’s always making sly innuendoes a constant torrent of innuendo, gossip, lies, and half-truths
More example sentences
  • And, in their laddish way, they will make lewd and disparaging remarks and innuendos.
  • Problems occurred, however, when the behavior was unwelcome by staff members or if the behaviors included lewd remarks or sexual innuendos.
  • When sexual innuendos were actually made they appeared forced in order to appease my interests - they failed in this attempt.
insinuation, suggestion, intimation, implication, hint, overtone, undertone, allusion, reference;
aspersion, slur


mid 16th century (as an adverb in the sense 'that is to say, to wit', used in legal documents to introduce an explanation): Latin, 'by nodding at, by pointing to', ablative gerund of innuere, from in- 'toward' + nuere 'to nod'. The noun dates from the late 17th century.

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