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Syllabification: in·put
Pronunciation: /ˈinˌpo͝ot


  • 1What is put in, taken in, or operated on by any process or system: perceptions and sensory input
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    • It demonstrates that there is both unconscious and conscious processing of sensory input.
    • Mental function is altered so that perception of all sensory input - visual, auditory, tactile or olfactory - is distorted.
    • The nervous system depends on sensory input, such as that from the eye.
  • 1.1A contribution of work, information, or material: there is little input from other professional members of the team
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    • In this issue we are particularly requesting your input about people involved in chemical engineering, law, forestry and history.
    • It shows that, on average, women contribute 13% to total labour input in farming.
    • Having this type of input contributes to a team feeling.
    contribution, offering, idea, opinion
  • 1.2Energy supplied to a device or system; an electrical signal: the input is a low-frequency signal
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    • Slices of rat hippocampus were stimulated with electrical signals, millions of times over, until they could be sure which electrical input produces a corresponding output.
    • They all produce signals; and believe it or not, our input to the devices, and their output, create modulations which can be ‘read’.
    • This consistency in relations between input and signal allows a looser definition that does not depend on the fixity or otherwise of channels.
  • 1.3The action or process of putting or feeding something in: the input of data to the system
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    • It finally allowed efficient input into computers in a format which modern man could understand.
    • These strengths make them ideal for certain IT work, such as computer programming or data input, which many people find boring, she said.
    • About the same time I was told that the paper tape as a means of computer input was dead, too.
  • 1.4The information fed into a computer or computer program: pen-based computers take input from a stylus
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    • The movements in your neck are instantly translated into mouse-compatible input to the computer.
    • The mouse is probably the most important computer input item you'll use in your lifetime, and the right mouse will mean a lot to your computing comfort.
    • The LL-T2015 can accept input from three different computers using an optional connection cable.
    data, details, information, material; facts, figures, statistics, particulars, specifics
    informal info
  • 2 Electronics A place where, or a device through which, energy or information enters a system: the signal being fed through the main input
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    • Others have the inputs for recording audio from external devices like cassette players.
    • Both sets ship with a remote control unit with auxiliary sound inputs and a headphone socket.
    • To monitor all of this, the channels for all of the live inputs had to be record-enabled.

verb (inputs, inputting; past and past participle input or inputted)

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  • Put (data) into a computer.
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    • As numbers added up they were inputted into computer databases - spewing out vote by ballot box after ballot box and available for all to see on the wall behind the tally centre through a projector aid.
    • There have been delays in setting up the intelligence system and little or no improvement in inputting details of arrests or summonses on the Police National Computer.
    • Work on inputting the details for the Single Payment database was well advanced.
    feed in, put in, load, insert; key in, type in, enter; code, store



Pronunciation: /-ˌpo͝otər/
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  • It has spent $2m building a large office in India where it can pay data inputters salaries of only £2,000 compared to £20,000 here.
  • Officers will be able to call in from the scene to an inputter who will put the crime details onto the computer system.
  • If you're looking for someone to keep your data clean and you don't want to employ a dedicated data inputter, then give us a call.

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