Definition of insensitive in English:


Syllabification: in·sen·si·tive
Pronunciation: /inˈsensədiv


1Showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings: an insensitive remark
More example sentences
  • Well, if he is two-faced, self-centred, plausibly insincere, manipulative and insensitive… be concerned.
  • Prepare your child for insensitive questions or uncaring remarks that may come from adults when the SEA results are out.
  • His remarks are also particularly insensitive as we approach the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings when so many soldiers gave their lives to help liberate Europe.
heartless, unfeeling, inconsiderate, thoughtless, thick-skinned; hard-hearted, cold-blooded, uncaring, unconcerned, unsympathetic, unkind, callous, cruel, merciless, pitilessimpervious to, oblivious to, unaware of, unresponsive to, indifferent to, unaffected by, unmoved by, untouched by
informal in the dark about
1.1Not sensitive to a physical sensation: she was remarkably insensitive to pain
More example sentences
  • Oxygen utilization that was insensitive to KCN and sensitive to SHAM was indicative of the presence of the alternative pathway.
  • Diploid clones insensitive to rotenone and sensitive to antimycin A + myxothiazol were selected.
  • The paradox is that tilapia islets produce insulin in a very glucose sensitive manner but simultaneously appear to be peripherally insensitive to insulin.
1.2Not aware of or able to respond to something: both were in many ways insensitive to painting
More example sentences
  • Rules have distinct advantages as behavioral guides, but they can promote rigid responding that is insensitive to changed contingencies.
  • We should point out that Rosenberger is by no means insensitive to the responsibilities of those dishing out satire and ridicule.
  • Many meat processors in the state feel that the USDA inspection service is inflexible and insensitive to their needs.



More example sentences
  • It is a natural response from a wounded community that has been treated insensitively by the central government.
  • Towns are also suffering badly from development which damages their individual character, is insensitively sited, or which threatens local businesses.
  • I would like to see the site developed but the scale of this proposed development is insensitively huge.


More example sentences
  • And, finally, there was the unforgettable anger of one of the two HIV infected persons invited to speak when he perceived a tone of insensitiveness in a question, a signal that many of us have still to change our attitudes.
  • Low self-control included the following factors: lack of resistance to immediate gratification, impulsiveness, insensitiveness, physical risk taking, shortsightedness, and being unable to express problems.
  • Paternalism must not be totally rejected because it is sometimes confused with authoritarianism - the latter reflects insensitiveness, disrespect for patient autonomy and integrity, and desire for power.


Pronunciation: /-ˌsensiˈtivitē/
More example sentences
  • On the other hand, my feminism deplores unfairness, meanness, and insensitivity.
  • The company is being accused of brutality and abject insensitivity.
  • I wanted so badly to say something, to yell at him for his insensitivity, his cruelty.

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