Definition of insignificant in English:


Syllabification: in·sig·nif·i·cant
Pronunciation: /ˌinsiɡˈnifəkənt


1Too small or unimportant to be worth consideration: the amount required was insignificant compared with military spending no detail is insignificant
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  • Don't think that local elections are measly, insignificant, and not worth your time.
  • Again she was frustrated as the money was insignificant compared to her so-called husband's supposed worth.
  • Watercraft skills are a necessity but any swim, no matter how small or insignificant, is worth a try, even if only for a couple of minutes or a single trot.
nugatory, paltry, petty, insubstantial, frivolous, pointless, worthless, meaningless, irrelevant, immaterial, peripheral
informal piddling
1.1(Of a person) without power or influence.
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  • I really did think their influence had waned to a point where they were as insignificant as they deserved to be.
  • Why should those people give them respect and they are insignificant, you know, in their number and in their impact, you know, to the community.
  • Because you are insignificant, the emperor in your heart can only be the dictator of one person, and that person is yourself.
1.2Meaningless: insignificant yet enchanting phrases
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  • It involved handing them a sheet with two short and insignificant phrases.



More example sentences
  • Rarely does a performer with such negligible talent flaunt his insignificance with such wanton panache.
  • For instance, the realisation that we are mortal arouses feelings of pointlessness and insignificance.
  • Yet from such miniscule insignificances, bombshells are timed to go off in the future.


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  • Hare's story is poorly edited; he describes insignificancies when he needs clarity.


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  • And, yes, there's no question the awards ceremony will trickle a little money down into the economy and advance the cause of local music, even if briefly and insignificantly.
  • They're looking at the above-under aspects of Garden of Light, whose chief designer, not insignificantly, is a landscape architect.
  • In the General Social Survey, conservatives differ insignificantly from political moderates on favoring more or less immigration.

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