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Syllabification: in·ter·val
Pronunciation: /ˈintərvəl


  • 1An intervening time or space: after his departure, there was an interval of many years without any meetings the intervals between meals were very short
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    • The sunny weather somehow morphed into gales, bright sunny intervals, a thunderstorm that would not have been out of place in the tropics and light showers.
    • It was a very showery day yesterday, with a number of heavy downpours between sunny intervals.
    • Be committed to eating smaller meals at regular intervals.
    interim, interlude, intervening time, intervening period, meantime, meanwhile
  • 2A pause; a break in activity: an interval of mourning
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    • Basically, interval training alternates short bursts of higher-intensity exercise with intervals of slower activity that allow the body a little break.
    • Whether you choose to run, cycle, swim or use cardiovascular gym equipment, break up a 30 minute workout with intervals of hard activity so that you push yourself just beyond your comfort zone.
    • However, if the pause intervals are too long, physiological systems will not be stressed enough to induce a training effect.
    stretch, period, time, spell; break, pause, gap
  • 2.1British An intermission separating parts of a theatrical or musical performance.
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    • Performances were divided into five acts separated by intervals during which music was played.
    • And after the interval comes some of the fiercest theatrical drumming I've heard since Ariane Mnouchkine's production of The Oresteia.
    • The string quartet will play during the reception and there will be a licensed bar during the interval and throughout the performance.
  • 2.2British A break between the parts of an athletic contest: leading 3-0 at the interval
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    • They were unfortunate not to have held the lead at the interval, after matching the lively home side in most aspects of play.
    • Play was on the halfway line when the interval came, with France leading by two goal points.
    • But if that goal seconds before the interval left the game poised on a knife edge it was nothing compared to what followed in the opening 13 minutes of the second period.
  • 3A space between two things; a gap.
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    • There was nothing in the four feet wide gap but windowless knobbed doors spaced at even intervals; none of them had a label in which to portray the doors' purposes.
    • A well-trodden path wends its way around the water - apart from a spot where a small natural wood hugs the shoreline - and sturdy platforms are spaced at regular intervals.
    • Six hundred giant pylons, spaced at 300 metre intervals, are needed simply to carry the weight of the massive 400,000 volt power lines.
    opening, distance, span, space, area
  • 3.1The difference in pitch between two musical sounds.
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    • In tonal music the intervals between the successive pitches are not literally replicated but become the equivalents within the diatonic scale.
    • The composer here plays with the sounds of particular intervals as much as complete melodies.
    • I think there is a psychological aspect to it: that the musician remains effected by the very sound of the intervals.
  • 4A component of activity in interval training: use one day a week for short, sprint intervals
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    • Be cautious with these intervals if you have knee issues, or do not do them at all.
    • Do 2 sets of 3 - 5 intervals, resting 3 - 5 minutes in between.
    • Warm up for five minutes, then do sprint intervals.


at intervals

  • 1With time between, not continuously: the light flashed at intervals
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    • The appointment of Australians, at intervals from 1931 and continuously from 1965, broke this link.
    • From these little blobs the sun threw back at intervals bright flashes of steel as the tribesmen waved their swords.
    • Tallages continued to be demanded at intervals until 1340, when Edward III agreed that the consent of Parliament must be obtained.
  • 2With spaces between: the path is marked with rocks at intervals
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    • Folded sediments of pink-brown rock rise on either side, broken at intervals by dark basalt columns of solidified magma and occasional leopard caves.
    • The ceiling was domed and pillars were placed periodically at intervals to show their golden and chrome beauty to the crowd.
    • In both directions I encountered a few stretches where there were countdowns to a 50 mph limit, which was then posted at intervals along the central reservation.



Pronunciation: /ˌintərˈvalik/
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  • In America this intervallic source is contained in the opening flute line which, as we have already seen, is reiterated by the mezzo-soprano at the climax of the first part of the first movement.
  • I may start a piece inspired by some kind of intervallic symmetry or mathematical relationship (axial symmetry of a particular set, for example) but later, as the writing progresses faster, intuition takes place completely.
  • Since twentieth-century music often is less melodic in a traditional sense, pianists are required to perform large leaps, execute quick changes in direction and negotiate unusual intervallic groupings and clusters.


Middle English: from Old French entrevalle, based on Latin intervallum 'space between ramparts, interval', from inter- 'between' + vallum 'rampart'.

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