Definition of intrusion in English:


Syllabification: in·tru·sion
Pronunciation: /inˈtro͞oZHən


  • 1The action of intruding: he was furious about this intrusion into his private life unacceptable intrusions of privacy
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    • In her book, Cheryl is a vociferous critic of her treatment by journalists, accusing us of relentless intrusion into her privacy.
    • The intrusion into personal privacy is compounded by the failure to limit access to the data held and its further use for purposes other than confirming a person's identity, he said.
    • But each uptick in protection will typically come at the cost of more intrusion into the privacy of ordinary people.
    encroachment, invasion, incursion, intervention, infringement, impingement; disturbance, disruption, interruption
  • 1.1A thing that intrudes: they oppose the excavations as an intrusion on their heritage
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    • Two ideas are rejected: An article on wind chimes is out because they are sources of noise pollution and intrusions on personal space, and one on airline food - yuck!
    • Our cities are awash in cars, so much so that we take their intrusions for granted - noise, dirt, smell and cost.
    • Traffic generates noise and pollution, and is an intrusion for many areas.
  • 2 Geology The action or process of forcing a body of igneous rock between or through existing formations, without reaching the surface.
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    • The associated magmatism resulted in intrusion of volcanic rocks into the sedimentary basins, magmatic underplating at the base of the crust, and large amounts of extrusive material.
    • Overthrusting, volcanism, and plutonic igneous intrusion were identified as originating above the subduction zone where one plate is forced beneath the edge of its neighbour.
    • Lower amphibolite-grade regional metamorphism predating intrusion of the Ballachulish Igneous Complex may have resulted in some monazite growth.
  • 2.1A body of igneous rock that has intruded the surrounding strata.
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    • Volcanic rocks of enormous thickness and deep-seated igneous intrusions from this period have created much of the geology of the Peruvian Andes.
    • Continental break-up produced voluminous extrusive volcanic deposits and associated igneous intrusions, and had a major impact on long-term climatic conditions in the early Tertiary.
    • In addition, volcanic rocks and intrusions of this age are distributed widely around the western and southern perimeter of the basin.


late Middle English (in the sense 'invasion, usurpation'): from medieval Latin intrusio(n-), from Latin intrudere 'thrust in' (see intrude).

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