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Syllabification: i·so·late


Pronunciation: /ˈīsəˌlāt
[with object]
  • 1Cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others: a country that is isolated from the rest of the world
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    • First of all, we put ourselves in a position where we were really isolated from our friends and family.
    • We were well isolated from the run-down neighborhoods and troubled conditions of the city.
    • We are really isolated from the rest of our planet.
  • 1.1Identify (something) and examine or deal with it separately: you can’t isolate stress from the management context
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    • The goal is to identify and isolate three dozen such targets that could be destroyed by precision strikes.
    • Once that trend is identified, we can isolate the cause through other means and look at ways of addressing more specific problems.
    • To reach the right solution, isolate what's causing the problem.
    identify, single out, pick out, point out, spot, recognize, distinguish, pinpoint, locate
  • 1.2 Chemistry & Biology Obtain or extract (a compound, microorganism, etc.) in a pure form.
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    • But first, they had to isolate the compound in pure form.
    • However, it was not until the early nineteenth century that these compounds were reproducibly isolated and analyzed.
    • Total yeast RNA was isolated by hot phenol extraction.
  • 1.3Cut off the electrical or other connection to (something, especially a part of a supply network).
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    • How are connections to customer networks isolated?
    • Gas and electricity engineers were called to isolate the supplies.
    • In event of a thermal runaway, electrical power should be isolated, and no attempt should be made to handle or move the battery for at least 30 minutes.
  • 1.4Place (a person or animal) in quarantine as a precaution against infectious or contagious disease.
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    • Patients with ‘active’ disease are infectious and must be isolated until the disease is controlled.
    • When a child is sick with scarlet fever due to a strep throat infection, it is wise to isolate him or her from other family members, especially infants and very young brothers and sisters.
    • Most likely your veterinarian or local aquarium store will recommend isolating your infected fish or disposing of them.


Pronunciation: /-lit
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  • 1A person or thing that has been or become isolated: social isolates often become careless of their own welfare
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    • The men who end up on Skid Row are social isolates.
    • But in high school, they tended to be outsiders - social isolates or whatever.
    • Some, but not all of these creators were social isolates, eccentrics, and obsessives.
  • 1.1 Biology A culture of microorganisms isolated for study.
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    • The invasive isolates were mostly obtained from blood whereas the non invasive isolates were isolated from throat.
    • Our study was based on clinical isolates obtained from patients.
    • Overall, 189 bacterial isolates from 149 patients were misidentified.



Pronunciation: /-ləbəl/
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  • Debates over what is patentable typically revolve around questions of isolable genes and gene sequences.
  • I would argue that ‘the Christian tradition’ is not so easily identifiable and isolable as an unchanging measure against which any position can be declared ‘orthodox’ or ‘heretical.’
  • So, the result may be that psychological scientists become very concerned with short-term results that preferably can be packaged as multiple isolable bits that can be sent to different journals.


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  • Practices of knowing and being are not isolatable, but rather they are mutually implicated.
  • Large-scale over-expression and purification of the mutants resulted in comparable quantities of isolatable enzymes.
  • These cells form a well ordered, isolatable BB that is morphologically and compositionally comparable to those from the proximal tubule epithelial cell.


Pronunciation: /-ˌlātər/
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  • The power is in an isolator at the bottom of the crane and that is padlocked.
  • These combiners use low-loss, low IM dual-stage isolators with integrated coaxial cavities.
  • In addition, Freightliner decreased cab noise by improving the exhaust isolators and the clutch linkage.


early 19th century (as a verb): back-formation from isolated.

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