Definition of isometric in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌīsəˈmetrik/


1Of or having equal dimensions.
Example sentences
  • Mechanical activity was recorded on a polygraph via isometric transducers.
  • Development of the columnals is isometric so their shapes do not change with size and age.
  • The shape of an isometric animal is the same at all sizes.
2 Physiology Relating to or denoting muscular action in which tension is developed without contraction of the muscle.
Example sentences
  • We did not use a tensiometer to measure the isometric power of the shoulder.
  • In vivo, the diaphragm does not perform maximum isometric contractions but shortens against a submaximal load.
  • Isometric tension should thus decrease because it is proportional to duty ratio.
3(In technical or architectural drawing) incorporating a method of showing projection or perspective in which the three principal dimensions are represented by three axes 120° apart.
Example sentences
  • Eakins taught perspective, mechanical drawing, and isometric drawing to his students at the Pennsylvania Academy using a manual that he wrote for the purpose but never published.
  • Although the stitched textiles have physical presence, their intersecting linear passages function primarily as isometric drawing.
  • Type Is at the command line to quickly shift cursors for isometric drawing views.
4 Mathematics (Of a transformation) without change of shape or size.
Example sentences
  • In isometric change, shape is constant at all sizes.
  • The applet allows for experimentation with two other families of isometric curves.
  • Codazzi also published on isometric lines, geodesic triangles and the stability of floating bodies.



Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
Example sentences
  • The authors solve this problem for isometrically coiled shells in a very elegant manner that takes advantage of the spiral curves' inherent geometry.
  • Muscle tension was recorded isometrically under a resting tension of 10 mN as reported previously.
  • Squeeze your contracted muscle isometrically as you complete each rep to intensify the effort and maximize the pump.


Pronunciation: /īˈsämətrē/
sense 4.
Example sentences
  • Inversion across such an arc is to be an isometry.
  • However, the isometry of this band has not been quantified.
  • Any isometry f is a 1-1 correspondence and, as such has an inverse f - 1, which is also an isometry.


Mid 19th century: from Greek isometria 'equality of measure' (from isos 'equal' + -metria 'measuring') + -ic.

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