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[treated as plural]
1One’s family and relations: he is expected to make a payment to his wife’s kin
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  • Nuclear families are the main kin group, with relatives involved as kin in the extended family.
  • Extended family and kin are an important part of the social structure of the republic.
  • From the moment of birth an infant is showered with attention and care by family members and extended kin.
1.1Animals or plants that are related to a particular species or kind: dolphins, whales, and their kin the Acari include ticks, mites, and their kin
More example sentences
  • This may allow non-breeding animals to pass along the genes they share with their kin by helping in the rearing of young.
  • Juvenile salmon clearly avoided kin when they shared shelters and preferred to associate with unrelated conspecifics.
  • Smaller herbivorous dinosaurs, however, may have fed to a greater extent than their larger kin on plants defended by qualitative toxins.


[predicative] Back to top  
Related: he was kin to the brothers See also akin.
More example sentences
  • They would have seen themselves as intellectually kin to men who do not figure in these lists - priests or scholars who had on the face of it no great philosophical interest.
  • They are kin to dragons from when humans first settled on Pern.
  • Though he is kin to God in nature, all his character is unlike God.


Old English cynn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kunne, from an Indo-European root meaning 'give birth to', shared by Greek genos and Latin genus 'race'.



More example sentences
  • The Anganen rawa man emerges in the image of the cassowary as the solitary, kinless, irrational, violent being of masculine excess.
  • I belong to a generation of kinless childhoods, where we grew up without grandparents, numerous uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives who had perished, yet whose silent presence loomed in the background.
  • Hey, maybe you're in a movie where your boyfriend is some sort of kinless clone or alien.

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