Definition of lessen in English:


Syllabification: less·en
Pronunciation: /ˈles(ə)n


Make or become less; diminish: [with object]: the years have lessened the gap in age between us [no object]: the warmth of the afternoon lessened
More example sentences
  • The ambulance guys thanked me for being diligent and my anxiety about wasting their time was lessened.
  • They diminish our humanity and, for that reason, they lessen our capacity for God.
  • As their powers wane and their visibility lessens, they are not forgotten.
reduce, make less/smaller, minimize, decrease;
allay, assuage, alleviate, attenuate, palliate, ease, dull, deaden, blunt, moderate, mitigate, dampen, soften, tone down, dilute, weaken
grow less, grow smaller, decrease, diminish, decline, subside, abate;
fade, die down/off, let up, ease off, tail off, drop (off/away), fall, dwindle, ebb, wane, recede
diminish, degrade, discredit, devalue, belittle

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