There are 2 definitions of libra in English:


Syllabification: li·bra
Pronunciation: /ˈlēbrə, ˈlī-

noun (plural librae /-ˌbrī, -ˌbrē/)

(In ancient Rome) a unit of weight, equivalent to 12 ounces (0.34 kg). It was the forerunner of the pound.
More example sentences
  • When this was borrowed by the English, they used the name penny but retained the symbol d.: twelve denarii made one solidus, and 20 solidi one pound or libra, giving the term £. s.d., which survived until decimalization in 1971.
  • L, symbol for the monetary unit pound, stands for libra, Latin for pound (weight).


Latin, 'pound, balance'.

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There are 2 definitions of libra in English:


Syllabification: Li·bra
Pronunciation: /ˈlēbrə
1 Astronomy A small constellation (the Scales or Balance), said to represent the balance that is the symbol of justice. It contains no bright stars.
1.1 (as genitive Librae /ˈlēbrē, ˈlī-/) Used with a preceding letter or numeral to designate a star in this constellation: the star Alpha Librae
2 Astrology The seventh sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters at the northern autumnal equinox (about September 23).
2.1 (a Libra) A person born when the sun is in the sign of Libra.
More example sentences
  • For context, she is a Libra, born in October, and I am a Virgo, born in September.
  • I am a Leo, so I think I only tend to get attracted to girls who are Aries, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius.
  • In our conversation, she told how she had begun dating a man, a Libra, and immediately discounted him, since he would not make a quick commitment to her.





noun & adjective
(sense 2).
More example sentences
  • Irritation, fury, rage, loathing and bad dress sense - all those toxic things Librans can't usually bring themselves to acknowledge - actually carry hidden gems of wisdom.
  • This week's spring Sun and love goddess Venus in the charming, congenial sign of conciliatory Librans stimulates the stylish arranging, aerobic mind-changing, power flirting and artful partying side of life.
  • Beauty's more crucial than food for Librans - the zodiac's walking, talking artworks who do everything aesthetically.

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