Definition of loaded in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈlōdəd/


1Carrying or bearing a load, especially a large one: a heavily loaded freight train
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  • Five minutes after we are off the tracks comes a loaded freight train rolling at a solid clip.
  • Just then, Mother was carrying a loaded platter of pancakes to the table.
  • A loaded logging truck carries anywhere from 45 to 100 cubic metres of wood.
full, filled, laden, packed, stuffed, crammed, brimming, stacked
1.1(Of a firearm) charged with ammunition: a loaded gun
More example sentences
  • However, for those of you serious about taking your arm development even further, the use of an supplement may be the edge you need to turn your guns into loaded cannons.
  • The only sure way is to have a gun on one's person at all times or a loaded firearm within very easy reach no matter where one happens to be.
  • Dropping a loaded firearm is not so much a gross violation of gun etiquette as it is an invitation to a lawsuit.
primed, charged, armed, ready to fire
1.2 (loaded with) Containing in abundance or to excess: your average chocolate bar is loaded with fat
More example sentences
  • Beluga whale skin is loaded with a chemical that seems to slow the production of harmful cholesterol.
  • The key will be finding a quarterback for an offense that is loaded with veteran talent.
  • Keep your cool if you and your tribe all are tied to stakes in the middle of a pit loaded with hungry lions.
1.3 informal Having a lot of money; wealthy: she doesn’t really have to work—they’re loaded
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  • They have allowed private builders to flout all laws and build for the rich and the loaded.
  • We join in on keeping the people poor and Western companies loaded with money.
1.4 informal, chiefly North American Having had too much alcohol; drunk: man, did I get loaded after I left his house
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  • The chicks that work there are hot and friendly, and you can get loaded with little cash.
  • That night, Jeff was a bit more loaded than usual.
1.5North American informal (Of a car) equipped with many optional extras; deluxe: 1989 Ford 250 LXT: low miles, loaded
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  • And you shouldn't feel sticker shock as if you were purchasing a fully loaded Ferrari, remember that iSCSI is affordable.
2Weighted or biased toward a particular outcome: a trick like the one with the loaded dice
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  • How do the conmen work-sleight of hand; marked cards; switched or loaded dice, it's all here.
  • The casino also cheats, using loaded dice, and when Vaughn spots this the casino security beat him up and leave him for dead.
  • The situation is analogous to rolling loaded dice: one could, if one was so inclined, construct a set of dice where sixes occur twice as often as normal.
biased, rigged, fixed;
2.1(Of a word, statement, or question) charged with an underlying meaning or implication: avoid politically loaded terms like “nation” “Anything else?” It was a loaded question and Kelly knew it
More example sentences
  • True, there are limitations in the survey method - a small collection of questions, often with loaded wording, with a small number of possible answers.
  • Avoid making loaded statements or using words as weapons: ‘What a stupid thing to do!’
  • If you don't give an answer to a loaded question but instead protest its loading, sometimes you are accused of dodging it.
charged, sensitive, delicate


loaded for bear

see bear2.

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Syllabification: load·ed

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