There are 2 definitions of loaf in English:


Syllabification: loaf
Pronunciation: /lōf

noun (plural loaves /lōvz/)

1A quantity of bread that is shaped and baked in one piece and usually sliced before being eaten: a loaf of bread two loaves in the oven
More example sentences
  • Sooner rather than later, you really must bake a loaf of bread.
  • There is nothing as simple as baking a loaf of bread or a cake.
  • We spotted this curry chicken baked in a loaf of bread at a neighbouring table.
1.1An item food formed into an oblong shape and sliced into portions.
More example sentences
  • She had her share of bad '70s health food - think soy loaf - but she was also exposed to a variety of foods at an early age.
  • Not content to have a nice big dish of holiday mushroom ravioli or lentil loaf, vegetarians seem curiously afflicted with a desire to conform to the season.
  • Garnished with fresh vegetables and a side of mashed potatoes, this loaf of pure C grade meat is the talk of the town.


Old English hlāf, of Germanic origin; related to German Laib.


half a loaf is better than none

proverb It is better to accept less than one wants or expects than to have nothing at all.
More example sentences
  • I said, ‘Well, half a loaf is better than no bread.’
  • As I've said, many people will not regard the recycling operation as the most ideal one for the ultra modern advance factory, but as the old saying goes, half a loaf is better than no bread.
  • Still half a loaf is better than no bread, although it is important that the managerial commitment to address this particular situation in 2003 is honoured.

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There are 2 definitions of loaf in English:


Syllabification: loaf
Pronunciation: /


[no object]
Idle one’s time away, typically by aimless wandering or loitering: don’t let him see you loafing around with your hands in your pockets
More example sentences
  • Wouldn't you rather have her issue arrive in your mailbox as opposed to loafing around bodegas and drugstores for hours until you build up the courage to buy it?
  • There were three leaders just loafing around the clubhouse turn.
  • Near the toe of the glacier a party of three guys were loafing around their tent.
laze, lounge, loll, idle, waste time
informal hang around, bum around, futz around


mid 19th century: probably a back-formation from loafer.

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