Definition of lobule in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈläbyo͞ol/


chiefly Anatomy
A small lobe.
Example sentences
  • The pulmonary venules then drain toward the periphery of the lobule and form pulmonary veins that travel within the interlobular septa.
  • The soft tissue chondroma4 presents with well-defined lobules of hyaline cartilage, usually in association with a tendon or a tendon sheath and most commonly in the distal extremities.
  • Histologically, sebaceous hyperplasia consists of enlarged lobules of mature sebaceous glands with a central dilated duct.



Pronunciation: /ˈläbyələr/
Example sentences
  • The remaining glomeruli showed lobular accentuation of the glomerular tufts secondary to diffusely increased cellularity, thickened capillary loops, and excess accumulation of mesangial matrix.
  • Arteries supplying the thymus follow the connective tissue septa and give off branches that enter the lobular cortex and break up into capillaries, which supply the cortex.
  • On microscopic evaluation, the majority of the thymus retained its usual lobular architecture and exhibited both cortical and medullary hyperplasia, with high cellularity and minimal fatty infiltration.


Pronunciation: /-yəˌlāt/
Example sentences
  • A lobulate architecture with a grayish color was evident at the cut surface.
  • In the last whorl, both taxa show a nearly circular test with five to six (rarely seven for A. mckannai) chambers and lobulate outline.


Pronunciation: /-yəˌlātid/
Example sentences
  • A chest radiograph revealed complete opacification of the left lower thorax with a small amount of aerated lung above and a lobulated mass in the right middle lobe.
  • Cut section revealed a gray-tan, fleshy, and lobulated surface with fine septa between the lobules and foci of degeneration and necrosis.
  • The cut surface was tan-brown and partially lobulated by fibrous septa and did not show necrosis or cystic changes.


Late 17th century: from lobe, on the pattern of words such as globule.

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