Definition of loggerhead in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈlôɡərhed/
Pronunciation: /ˈläɡərˌhed/


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1 (also loggerhead turtle) A reddish-brown turtle with a very large head, occurring chiefly in warm seas.
  • Caretta caretta, family Cheloniidae.
Example sentences
  • The second turtle, a loggerhead turtle, was taken in by aquarium personnel when it was still a hatchling.
  • Both the leatherback and loggerhead turtle could face extinction within 10 to 30 years if international fishing practices are not dramatically altered, he added.
  • Both the green turtle, which can weigh up to 205 kilograms, and the loggerhead turtle are now classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
2 (also loggerhead shrike) A widespread North American shrike, having mainly gray plumage with a black eyestripe, wings, and tail.
  • Lanius ludovicianus, family Laniidae.
Example sentences
  • We also provided a $10,800 grant to fund the development and initial implementation of a Candidate Conservation Agreement for the Santa Catalina Island fox and the island loggerhead shrike.
  • Joshua trees are monicots, grotesquely oversized lilies, with contorted limbs and trunks armored with spikes, which are used skillfully by the loggerhead shrike to impale its prey.
  • The young also cross paths with the loggerhead shrike, a bird that impales its prey before eating.
3 archaic A foolish person.


at loggerheads

In stubborn dispute or disagreement: council was at loggerheads with the government over the grant allocation
Possibly a use of loggerhead in the late 17th-century sense 'long-handled iron instrument for heating liquids and tar', perhaps wielded as a weapon
More example sentences
  • The two men had been at loggerheads over a long-running dispute about devolution.
  • The two countries have long been at loggerheads over their maritime boundary, a dispute that centres on the ownership of Mbana Island, in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • These North American basketball stars are at loggerheads as their teams prepare for tomorrow's Superbowl clash.
in disagreement, at odds, at variance, wrangling, quarreling, disagreeing, disputing, locking horns, at daggers drawn, in conflict, fighting, at war
informal at each other's throats


Late 16th century (sense 3): from dialect logger 'block of wood for hobbling a horse' + head.

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Syllabification: log·ger·head

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