Definition of loser in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈlo͞ozər/


1A person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest.
Example sentences
  • One of the contest losers notices all this and sues.
  • If the game is as good as the league final their supporters are in for a real treat, and even though the losers in both games have one more chance no team wants to lose.
  • The team captains hold aloft the cup and together pull it apart to reveal two specially-made halves - in this game there are no losers.
defeated person, also-ran, runner-up
1.1A person who accepts defeat with good or bad grace, as specified: we won fair and square—they should concede that and be good losers
More example sentences
  • A sore loser, Grace thought, too bad… no doubt he'll want a rematch.
  • Like most men or women who attain distinction in their chosen sport, and whose competitive streak is almost visible, Harry is a self-confessed rotten loser.
  • The runner-up received 2973 votes from the public and was a really good loser on the day.
1.2A person or thing that is put at a disadvantage by a particular situation or course of action: children are the losers when politicians keep fiddling around with education
More example sentences
  • Where there are winners, of course, there are losers, and the electricity generator company was among them.
  • The only losers in this situation are the multinational drug companies, and anyone else who benefits from big drug sales.
  • Of course, the real losers in that are the pilots and the plan participants.
1.3 informal A person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life: a ragtag community of rejects and losers
More example sentences
  • You must be losing it by now, crumbling under my assault, failing like the loser you are!
  • I don't know how I could have failed against a complete loser like you!
  • I went into this room filled with losers and rejects of all varieties.
failure, underachiever, ne'er-do-well, write-off, has-been;
misfit, freak, unpopular person
informal geek, dweeb, nerd, hoser
flop, no-hoper, washout, busted flush, lemon
1.4 Bridge A card that is expected to be part of a losing trick.
Example sentences
  • Non-aces out of trump are almost always losers, even though they might earn points in meld.
  • Queens, jacks and nines are called losers (though they can occasionally win a trick).

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