There are 2 definitions of macho in English:


Syllabification: ma·cho
Pronunciation: /ˈmäCHō


Showing aggressive pride in one’s masculinity: the big macho tough guy
More example sentences
  • Like a typical macho guy, he views his exile in Gayville not as a sign he might have some thinking to do, but as an educational experience that's made him a better lover to women.
  • He behaved differently around other men in general and found himself slipping into a much more aggressive and macho posture in everyday life.
  • The film also does an amiable job of revealing the ‘soul surfer’ culture behind these wave daredevils - even the overly macho dialogue seems natural in this context.
(aggressively) male, (unpleasantly) masculine; manly, virile, red-blooded
informal butch

noun (plural machos)

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1A man who is aggressively proud of his masculinity.
More example sentences
  • In the rest of Mexico, coquettish gay extroverts like these would be hounded out of town by the local machos: there would be shouts of ‘putos’ or ‘jotos’ (poofs, faggots), cat-whistles, the odd missile.
  • ‘The maquiladoras were fed by thousands of young women who, in exchange for a salary, were abandoning traditional roles - and the machos reacted,’ the columnist said.
  • For death - with which they all flirted, the matadors, the duelling machos, the fortune tellers - is now getting down to business.
More example sentences
  • The immense power of the trade unions was often ego and macho driven, and on many occasions that power was wielded mercilessly for short-term gain.
  • Pride and passion, macho and vulnerability, competitiveness and exhaustion all intermingle on the stage.
  • Fragile and very limited democracy wants to pass for macho.


1920s: Mexican Spanish, 'masculine or vigorous', from Latin masculus.

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There are 2 definitions of macho in English:


Syllabification: MACHO
Pronunciation: /ˈmäCHō, ˈmaCHō


A compact object, such as a brown dwarf, a low-mass star, or a black hole, of a kind that is thought by some to constitute part of the dark matter in galactic halos.


1990s: acronym from Massive (Astrophysical) Compact Halo Object.

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