There are 2 main definitions of mamma in English:


Syllabification: mam·ma


Variant spelling of mama.

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There are 2 main definitions of mamma in English:


Syllabification: mam·ma
Pronunciation: /ˈmamə

noun (plural mammae /ˈmamē, ˈmamˌī/)

1A milk-secreting organ of female mammals (in humans, the breast).
More example sentences
  • The breasts came to be understood as a sign of the anomalous nature of the human body, as other mammals do not have prominent mammae: only human females do.
  • Adult lions have 30 teeth and adult females have four mammae.
  • In general, females have enough mammae for each young in the largest litters to have his or her own.
1.1A corresponding nonsecretory structure in male mammals.


Old English, from Latin, 'breast'.



Pronunciation: /ˈmaməˌfôrm/
More example sentences
  • The Protoclassic is easy to recognize by the breast-shaped supports, known as mammiform pottery.
  • ProtoClassic pottery, however, is included due to the decorative form of the mammiform supports and the peccary supports that develop in the following century.
  • A single mammiform sherd was found in the surface collection.

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