Definition of manifold in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈmanəˌfōld/


1Many and various: the implications of this decision were manifold
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  • I caught the newsreader saying, ‘We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness’.
  • If anything, this should motivate those of us who can see the manifold difficulties with the current multicultural ideology to critique it with even greater vigour and clear thought and to refuse to be silenced.
  • After her husband's premature death from a suspected brain haemorrhage Maria became one of her son's main props, helping him to cope with the manifold pressures of a revolutionary's life.
1.1Having many different forms or elements: the appeal of the crusade was manifold
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  • Womanhood, according to the theory, is a manifold phenomenon as different women live and behave differently in different circumstances and conditions.
  • This address can take several forms, in keeping with the manifold diversity of writings that constitute the Bible.
  • In such a manner we acquire manifold, thorough, and even useful knowledge about how philosophy has been presented in the course of history.


1 [often with modifier] A pipe or chamber branching into several openings: the pipeline manifold
More example sentences
  • In everyday parlance, a manifold is a pipe or chamber bristling with subsidiary tubes.
  • Liquid is pumped to each atomizer on the boom via a separate manifold attached to the boom.
  • The first modular manifold receives each of the high purity fluid streams at a corresponding porting aperture.
1.1(In an internal combustion engine) the part conveying air and fuel from the carburetor to the cylinders or that leading from the cylinders to the exhaust pipe: the exhaust manifold
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  • The oil pan, exhaust manifolds and transmission housing have been reinforced with ribs for added strength.
  • Catalytic converters are being mounted closer to the engines to improve their performance and exhaust manifolds are being integrated into cylinder heads.
  • Granted, I don't know an intake manifold from a fuel injector, but I bought into their portrayal.
2 technical Something with many different parts or forms, in particular.
2.1 Mathematics A collection of points forming a certain kind of set, such as those of a topologically closed surface or an analog of this in three or more dimensions.
Example sentences
  • Topology is the mathematical discipline concerned with surfaces or manifolds in higher dimensions.
  • My primary interest in geometry is for the light it sheds on the topology of manifolds.
  • Included in the intermediate chapters are introductions to differentiable manifolds and Lie groups.
2.2(In Kantian philosophy) the sum of the particulars furnished by sense before they have been unified by the synthesis of the understanding.
Example sentences
  • Kant finds the grounds of the possibility of knowledge in the knowing subject, which synthesizes the manifold of intuition in accordance with pure concepts of the understanding, or categories.



Example sentences
  • Her Around Sea is a substantial, beautiful, and manifoldly interesting book of poetry.
  • We find the manifoldly inquisitive Benjamin musing on the new modes of perception opened tip by techniques of photographic enlargement and cinematic montage.
  • UN efforts manifoldly increased to stop wars from starting (preventive diplomacy), end ongoing conflicts, establish peace operations and impose sanctions (which can help pressure warring parties into peace negotiations).


Example sentences
  • We want to make sense of the world, to comprehend its manifoldness, to take its measure and circumscribe it within our experience, all the time knowing that it is impossible to do that adequately.
  • True philosophy, however, has to follow the diversity and the manifoldness of matter through all time.
  • Only in service of that primal vision does the manifoldness of the created world come into being.


Old English manigfeald; current noun senses date from the mid 19th century.

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Syllabification: man·i·fold

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