Definition of mantilla in English:


Syllabification: man·til·la
Pronunciation: /manˈtē(y)ə, -ˈtilə


A lace or silk scarf worn by women over the hair and shoulders, especially in Spain.
More example sentences
  • Turbans, fezzes, yarmulkes and black lace veils, or mantillas, joined the zucchettos or skull caps of Catholic prelates on the basilica's steps in an extraordinary mix of religious and government leaders from around the world.
  • And in the low dark burrow of a shop where a woman sold Spanish soap and powder and perfume, and also black lace mantillas, my mother bought me the little box-box containing the horn rosary of the Infant Jesus of Prague.
  • There were clusters of women in lace mantillas, and one or two solitary old men.


Spanish, diminutive of manta 'mantle'.

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