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Syllabification: man·u·al
Pronunciation: /ˈmanyə(wə)l


  • 1Of or done with the hands: manual dexterity manual hauling of boats along the towpath
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    • They are the only primates in the world that subsist on grass, and they have the greatest manual dexterity of any monkey on earth.
    • And he did so with an enviable manual dexterity driven by a witty, incisive mind.
    • Loss of abilities related to manual dexterity may affect work performance and may threaten or end essential career options.
    done with one's hands, by hand, laboring, physical, blue-collar
  • 1.1(Of a machine or device) worked by hand, not automatically or electronically: a manual typewriter
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    • An exquisite piece of workmanship, it is operated by a manual lever and recreates the sounds of the harp, harmonica and piccolo.
    • It can change gear manually in fractions of a second whether using the manual gear lever or F1-style paddles on the steering wheel.
    • If you get tired of the automatic, you can switch over to a motor-racing derived manual system operated by paddles located behind the steering wheel.
  • 1.2 [attributive] Using or working with the hands: a manual laborer
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    • In summer, many manual laborers take their tops off because they get sweaty, or like to saunter along the sidewalks topless.
    • These manual laborers, long accustomed to toiling in the fields, are good workers.
    • Some work as manual laborers while others work as farmers, especially when the fishing is bad.


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  • 1A book of instructions, especially for operating a machine or learning a subject; a handbook: a computer manual a training manual
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    • Workers should also read the instruction manuals for computer terminals and be familiar with their operation, he said.
    • The book is an instruction manual for merchants in how to calculate profit and loss.
    • Legal and economic literature is arranged next to history books and computer manuals.
    handbook, instruction book, instructions, guide, how-to book, companion, ABC, primer, guidebook, A to Z
    informal bible
  • 1.1A small book: a pocket-sized manual of the artist’s aphorisms
  • 1.2 historical A book of the forms to be used by priests in the administration of the sacraments.
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    • This was used as church manual and is significant because of its early age and quoting other books of the Bible.
  • 2A thing operated or done by hand rather than automatically or electronically, in particular.
  • 2.1An organ keyboard played with the hands.
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    • The same format was often imitated at the organ, the pedal taking the bass and the manuals the treble lines.
    • The ostinato in the manuals is also regular, until it moves at the end of bar 27.
    • The BX - 3 has dual manuals with 61 keys each, full polyphony and a very natural feel.
  • 2.2A vehicle with a manual transmission.
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    • The firmer suspension and sharper steering gives a ride that actually made me feel more a part of the car - something that I normally associate with manuals.
    • Both performed well although, as usual, the manual felt the most responsive while the kickdown on the auto lacked punch.
    • After I got the hang of the gearshift it was easier than a manual.



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  • Cans, plastic, glass and textiles will go in the boxes, which will be picked up by a van and manually sorted at the kerbside.
  • There was no crane on the site, so the 14 workers on the surface were trying to pull her up manually.
  • Public records can be manually searched and then posted to the net by people who happen to be looking there for something else.


late Middle English: from Old French manuel, from (and later assimilated to) Latin manualis, from manus 'hand'.

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