There are 2 definitions of match in English:


Syllabification: match
Pronunciation: /maCH


1A contest in which people or teams compete against each other in a particular sport: a boxing match
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  • Each team will play five matches from tomorrow until Monday with the final scheduled for next Tuesday.
  • The winners of their respective matches will contest the final, while the losers will play off for the bronze medal.
  • And, no matter what the sport, we all know that over a five match series the better team will win.
contest, competition, game, tournament, event, trial, test, meet, matchup; bout, fight; derby; playoff, replay, rematch, engagement; deathmatch; Scottish & Canadianbonspiel
2A person or thing able to contend with another as an equal in quality or strength: they were no match for the trained mercenaries
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  • In recent decades his waning strength proved no match for the ravages of well intentioned but overbearing regulations.
  • Despite some very good performances, they were no match for the strength of the local side.
  • She knew she was no match for his strength.
3A person or thing that resembles or corresponds to another: the child’s identical twin would be a perfect match for organ donation
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  • Instead, they could have their own tissue cloned to produce a perfect match.
  • A kidney patient has been given a new lease of life after enduring a 20-year wait for a perfect organ match.
  • The vaccine will almost certainly protect very well, but it's not the perfect match.
look-alike, double, twin, duplicate, mate, fellow, companion, counterpart; replica, copy
3.1 Computing A string that fulfills the specified conditions of a computer search.
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  • Intelligence officers then search for a match on the internal database.
  • A search engine company's goal is to provide the end user with the best, most relevant matches to a search inquiry.
  • Have you ever done a search and seen that there were a million matches for your search terms?
3.2A pair that corresponds or is very similar: the headdresses and bouquet were a perfect match
3.3The fact or appearance of corresponding: stones of a perfect match and color
4A person viewed in regard to their eligibility for marriage, especially as regards class or wealth: he was an unsuitable match for any of their girls
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  • These rituals would often lead to matches and marriages, either immediately in the coming summer or autumn.
  • She had always encouraged the infatuation, saying that the pair were a perfect match.
  • Marriages usually result from family introductions, if not outright matches.
4.1A marriage: a dynastic match
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  • He took her by storm and the match was the marriage of the year, that Hollywood would only experience in that time.
marriage, betrothal, relationship, partnership, union


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1Correspond or cause to correspond in some essential respect; make or be harmonious: [with object]: we bought green and blue curtains to match the bedspread she matched her steps to his [no object]: the jacket and pants do not match
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  • The failure of both sides of his face to act in unison shows that his real feelings don't match up with the image he is putting across to the public.
  • Choose a color or pattern that either matches or complements your suit.
  • I'm very proud; the ambery colour I picked matches just right the base I already had.
go with, coordinate with, complement, suit; be the same as, be similar tocorrespond, be in agreement, tally, agree, match up, coincide, accord, conform, squarecorresponding, equivalent, parallel, analogous; coordinating, complementary; paired, twin, identical, like, like (two) peas in a pod, alike
1.1Team (someone or something) with someone or something else appropriate or harmonious: they matched suitably qualified applicants with institutions that had vacancies she was trying to match the draperies to the couch
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  • How do you go about matching the appropriate celebrity with the clients?
  • Are there people you want to read solo whom you'd like less if they were matched up with some appropriate co-bloggers?
  • Our role is to place them in the most appropriate position, matching the candidate's skills to those required by the client.
2Be equal to (something) in quality or strength: his anger matched her own
More example sentences
  • The quality of the hot dog is matched by the quality of the toppings.
  • This sensitivity about representing race is not matched by an equal sensitivity about representing class.
  • They found that the couples whose expectations matched their relationship skills were most satisfied.
equal, be a match for, measure up to, compare with, parallel, be in the same league as, be on a par with, touch, keep pace with, keep up with, emulate, rival, vie with, compete with, contend with
informal hold a candle to
2.1Succeed in reaching or equaling (a standard or quality): he tried to match her nonchalance
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  • Some of the dioramas were repainted up to six times until they matched his exacting standards.
  • There's a uniformly high standard set that is matched, then raised by every participant.
  • Schools in the district have chalked up outstanding performances, with most of them at least matching the national average pass rate.
2.2Equalize (two coupled electrical impedances) so as to bring about the maximum transfer of power from one to the other.
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  • If the load impedance perfectly matches the transmission line impedance, the reflected power is zero.
  • New features include a 1.8V matched impedance interface, known as stub series terminated logic.
  • Care should be taken in impedance matching between the elements of the user's GPS system.
3Place (a person or group) in contest or competition with another: the big names were matched against nobodies (as adjective, with submodifier matched) evenly matched teams
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  • He was even matched against - and beat - the toughest cage fighters in the world in America.
  • He can be effective in the slot when he's matched against nickel cornerbacks who can't get their hands on him.
  • Both teams came with the spirit of competition and were evenly matched with the skills displayed by all participants.


Old English gemæcca 'mate, companion'; related to the base of make.


make a match

Form a partnership, especially by getting married.
More example sentences
  • Surely this is now her only chance of making a match, for any respectable gentleman is bound to be dissuaded from asking for her hand.
  • Matrimonials on the Net may have a long way to go before they start rivalling the conventional ways of making a match, but web companies are really striving hard to realise the latent potential of this medium.
  • However, the very next day she was besieged with complaints from her disappointed newlyweds, and conceded the great wisdom needed for making a match that leads to a happy marriage.

meet one's match

Encounter one’s equal in strength or ability: Iris had met her match
More example sentences
  • I want to congratulate you on being a great interviewer, but I think you've met your match.
  • In some of the most humble people in the world, the would-be makers of the economic commandments may well have met their match.
  • But Edinburgh's dreaded parking attendants have finally met their match in the shape of the doughty Balmoral Hotel.

to match

Corresponding in some essential respect with something previously mentioned or chosen: a new coat and a hat to match
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  • We have a Premier League set-up in terms of facilities and we have ambitions to match.
  • So now we've just got the sideboard still to get, and possibly a new dining room table to match.
  • He has always been a charismatic lead singer and he certainly has the stamina to match.

Phrasal verbs

match up to

Be as good as or equal to: she matches up to the challenges of the job
More example sentences
  • As the guidelines have recently changed we need to make sure that our operation matches up to what is expected.
  • Sums given for flood relief have not matched up to even half of the needs of those left homeless, at risk, and without an income.
  • So it seemed that, for me, anyway, poems were going to happen rarely if they were going to match up to what I would wish them to be.

match someone with

archaic Bring about the marriage of someone to: try if you can to match her with a duke
More example sentences
  • After the death of her father-in-law and unsuccessful attempts at matching Mr. Tweedie with her daughters, Mrs. Lapham marries him herself, mainly to keep the silver shop in the family.
  • John tells Elinor that they are thinking of matching Miss Morton with Robert, now that Edward is marrying Lucy.
  • She wants to match Harriet with Mr. Elton, and when Harriet compliments him, Emma's plan is set in motion.



More example sentences
  • It's only very recently that Registered births and deaths have been computerised and matchable.
  • And by the way, most of that is matchable because of the matching funds.
  • Zoom forward to today, and there is nothing at all that is of matchable relevance.

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There are 2 definitions of match in English:


Syllabification: match
Pronunciation: /


1A short, thin piece of wood or cardboard used to light a fire, being tipped with a composition that ignites when rubbed against a rough surface.
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  • I got up, and while doing so struck a match to ignite the overhead oxygen.
  • It was sort of cool that night so I went up into the house, struck a match and lit the heater.
  • I struck a match and lit a candle and put it in the green glass dish and I went into the kitchen.
1.1 historical A piece of wick or cord designed to burn at a uniform rate, used for firing a cannon or lighting gunpowder.


late Middle English (in the sense 'wick of a candle'): from Old French meche, perhaps from Latin myxa 'spout of a lamp', later 'lamp wick'.


put a match to

Set fire to.
More example sentences
  • Even if we had to put a match to what is left, and I sincerely hope we don't, we would still count it as a success.
  • Inside, he puts a match to the carefully laid wood of an open fire, the smoke billowing back immediately into the room.
  • The summer had been hot and the scrub was tinder dry, so it took little effort to put a match to but needed careful watching.

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