There are 2 main definitions of mesquite in English:

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mesquite 1

Pronunciation: /meˈskēt/


A spiny tree or shrub of the pea family, native to arid regions of southwestern US and Mexico. It yields useful timber, tanbark, medicinal products, and edible pods. The timber is used for fencing and flooring, and burned in barbecues as flavoring.
  • Genus Prosopis, family Leguminosae: several species, in particular P. glandulosa
Example sentences
  • This kind of symbiosis, incidentally, is also found in leguminous or pod forming plants - including peas and beans, wisteria vines, acacia, mesquite, and coral trees.
  • Juniper trees are common throughout the canyon as well as mesquite, cottonwood, salt cedar, willow, western soapberry and hackberry.
  • In summer months they eat cacti, sagebrush, mesquite, alfalfa, clover, other grasses, and herbaceous vegetation.


Mid 18th century: from Mexican Spanish mezquite.

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There are 2 main definitions of mesquite in English:

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Mesquite 2

Pronunciation: /məˈskēt/
A city in northeastern Texas, east of Dallas; population 132,123 (est. 2008).
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