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Syllabification: mes·sage
Pronunciation: /ˈmesij


  • 1A verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly: if I’m not there, leave a message on the voice mail
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    • The messages are not sent directly to the recipient's phone, rather the sender and the recipient must subscribe to the service which provides a secret link for them to access the message.
    • Text messaging is the cellphone technology that allows users to send and receive written messages through their phones.
    • I even used birds to send my messages from here directly to Devlin.
  • 1.1An official or formal communication, especially a speech delivered by a head of state to a legislative assembly or the public: the president’s message to Congress
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    • I am here to deliver a very important message from the President.
    • They have delivered public and private messages urging the dictator to leave the country, so that disarmament can proceed peacefully.
    • Are you satisfied with the message the President delivered tonight and the way in which he delivered it?
  • 1.2An e-mail or similar electronic communication.
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    • For example, when typing a mail message, or word processing the GPU can be throttled back to reduce component temperatures, and increase longevity.
    • It was so nice to see your website right after I received a spam mail message from Acme Online Systems!
    • The screen is captured and a new mail message launches in the default mail application.
  • 1.3An electronic communication generated automatically by a computer program and displayed on a screen: an error message
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    • Your browser will usually automatically generate a message when this occurs.
    • You can set it up to automatically generate e-mail messages when certain alert conditions are met such as running out of stock on an item.
    • Each piece of equipment in a computer network generates messages and events and errors - right?
  • 1.4A significant point or central theme, especially one that has political, social, or moral importance: a campaign to get the message about home security across
    More example sentences
    • Can videogames convey social and political messages and still be a lot of fun?
    • Most of that material, however, while interesting, is marginal to the political message of the film.
    • Acclaimed for using a popular format to pass on the social message, the film had used the soap opera look to cash in on a large audience.
    meaning, sense, import, idea; point, thrust, gist, essence, content, subject (matter), substance, implication, drift, lesson
  • 1.5A divinely inspired communication from a prophet or preacher.
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    • Those who believed the message he preached became not only good people, but good citizens and then good leaders.
    • The recently urbanized underclasses are particularly susceptible to the messages of populist preachers.
    • The message entrusted to the preacher must be proclaimed just as it was first delivered.
  • 1.6US A television or radio commercial: we will return after these messages
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    • These will be reinforced with similar messages on radio and television.
    • Many have developed responsibility messages for television and radio.
    • Brown adds that A.E. uses radio and television messages to promote its refrigerated yogurt products.
  • 2chiefly British An errand: all she did was make the tea and run messages


get the message

informal Infer an implication from a remark or action.
More example sentences
  • We get the message but to truly understand the idea, we need to dig a little deeper.
  • We, of course, had got the message that we were stupid and lazy.
  • It is sometimes very difficult to get the message across without them and planting trees is an easily understood method.
understand, get the point, comprehend
informal catch on, get the picture

send a message

Make a significant statement, either implicitly or by one’s actions: the elections sent a message to political quarters that the party was riding a wave of popularity
More example sentences
  • An election might have sent a message to prospective tourists that life was continuing as normal outside certain designated areas.
  • He then sends a message of congratulations to the voter in the election, won by the Republican Party in a landslide.
  • Bell suggested that council needs to send a strong message to the government and send a message to the solicitor general.


Middle English: from Old French, based on Latin missus, past participle of mittere 'send'.

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