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Syllabification: min·er
Pronunciation: /ˈmīnər


  • 1A person who works in a mine.
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    • Over 45,000 Indian coal miners employed by Singareni Collieries went on strike on Wednesday for improved wages and working conditions.
    • Back in 1831, Welsh coal miners at the tower colliery invented the red flag as a symbol of rebellion.
    • A gas build-up in a central China coal mine killed 24 miners on August 2.
    digger, collier, gold panner
    dated sourdough
  • 1.1 historical A person who digs tunnels in order to destroy an enemy position with explosives.
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    • While working in tunnels, miners looked for listening tunnels and countermines of the defender.
    • As well as digging their own tunnels, the miners had to listen out for enemy tunnellers.
  • 2An Australian bird of the honeyeater family, having a loud call and typically nesting colonially.
    • Genus Manorina, family Meliphagidae: five species, including the bell miner or bellbird (M. melanophrys), with greenish plumage and a bell-like call
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    • Miners nest communally, laying their eggs in a nest made in the fork of a tree.
    • The Indian Myna is from the starling family, while the Australian miners are honeyeaters and grey in colour.
  • 3A small South American bird of the ovenbird family that excavates a long burrow for breeding.
    • Genus Geositta, family Furnariidae: several species
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    • The rufous-banded miner is a neotropical ovenbird (Furnariidae) that is widespread in the southern Andes.
    • As their name suggests, miners make their nests in holes along creek banks or in burrows.
  • 4 short for leaf miner.
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    • These miners live on the leaf and feed from these tissues.
    • It has been assumed that damage caused by these miners inhibits the plants overall ability to photosynthesize.


Middle English: from Old French minour, from miner 'to mine' (see mine2).

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