Definition of mongoose in English:


Syllabification: mon·goose
Pronunciation: /ˈmäNGˌɡo͞os

noun (plural mongooses)

A small carnivorous mammal with a long body and tail and a grizzled or banded coat, native to Africa and Asia.
  • Family Herpestidae (or Viverridae): several genera, in particular Herpestes and Mungos, and many species, including the banded mongoose (M. mungo)
More example sentences
  • Virtually none of the small carnivorous mammals of Southeast Asia (cats, civets, mongooses, weasels) have crossed it from west to east on their own.
  • With no other carnivores around, mongooses and civets became Madagascar's predators, and the fossa filled the hunting niche usually occupied by cats.
  • Some others like the wild pig, the palm civet, the common mongoose, the golden oriole, and the rat snake can survive even with little green cover and withstand disturbances.


late 17th century: from Marathi maṅgūs.

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