There are 2 main definitions of mount in English:

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mount 1

Syllabification: mount


[with object]
1Climb up (stairs, a hill, or other rising surface): he mounted the steps to the front door
More example sentences
  • Grazing goats ignore us as we mount the hill toward the church.
  • Then I silently mounted the stairs myself, and crouched two steps from the top to listen.
  • You mount the stairs and pass through the long corridor, the walls of which are thickly lined with photographs of the family and an impressive display of weapons.
go up, ascend, climb (up), scale
1.1Climb or move up onto (a raised surface): the master of ceremonies mounted the platform
More example sentences
  • But then he turned round and mounted the slightly raised platform where the government sits.
  • Three people are dead and two schoolgirls are fighting for their lives today after a sports car mounted the pavement and collided with a group of pedestrians.
  • She was trapped under the wheels of the car which mounted the pavement and pushed her through a fence as she was walking home with her mother.
climb on to, jump on to, clamber on to, get on to
1.2Get up on (an animal or bicycle) in order to ride it.
Example sentences
  • Managing a nervous smile, Alicia wished him good night, mounted her bicycle and rode home, her mind a muddle of happiness and apprehension.
  • And when they mounted their ponies and rode away, we were more alarmed than ever, for we feared they had gone for reinforcements.
  • Pat offered to drive him to the vicarage and back, but he was adamant in refusal, mounted his bicycle, and pedalled off.
get astride, bestride, get on to, hop on to
1.3Set (someone) on horseback; provide with a horse: she was mounted on a white horse
More example sentences
  • Sir Christopher was mounted on one horse and Sarah, with Sasha sitting behind her, on the other horse.
  • Now all four of us were mounted and it's decided that I'll ride along with Marcy, and William and Russ will go around the other way.
  • A few guests were already mounted for the road, half asleep, bloat-faced and red-eyed, leaning to and fro in their saddles.
1.4(Of a male mammal or bird) get on (a female) for the purpose of copulation.
Example sentences
  • Copulations in which the male forcefully mounted the female in the absence of female solicitation were regarded as forced.
  • The males mount the females for one-to two-minute intervals before copulation actually takes place.
  • When our male cat tries to mount the female, she hisses and scratches and fights him off - does your female fight?
1.5 [no object] (Of the blood or its color) rise into the cheeks: feeling the blush mount in her cheeks, she looked down quickly
More example sentences
  • As the heat mounted up in my cheeks, I turned around quickly to avoid Jake's stare.
2Organize and initiate (a campaign or other significant course of action): the company had successfully mounted takeover bids
More example sentences
  • The World Health Organisation is mounting a campaign to eradicate the wild polio virus from the world by 2005.
  • Race organizers have since mounted an educational campaign to warn runners about the dangers of excessive drinking.
  • This newspaper understands that the government is already preparing to mount a campaign to soften up the public in advance of the referendum campaign.
organize, stage, prepare, arrange, set up;
launch, set in motion, initiate
2.1Establish; set up: security forces mounted checkpoints at every key road
More example sentences
  • Although detectives mounted checkpoints on roads around Lismore within minutes of the alarm being raised, the gang is still at large.
  • Gardai are to mount high-visibility checkpoints throughout the country this weekend in an effort to curb the rising level of road deaths.
  • On the road running north from Kandahar to Kabul, US special forces were last night mounting roadblocks, hunting for senior Taliban leaders and fighters from Al Qaeda.
2.2Produce (a play, exhibition, or other artistic event); present for public view or display.
Example sentences
  • Yet it has recently staged four plays about the 20th century, runs a host of youth and community schemes and is now mounting the first play about foot-and-mouth.
  • It will be the third time that the National Palace Museum has mounted exhibitions in a foreign country.
  • It is the latest in a series of major international exhibitions mounted by the Kerry Museum in recent years.
(put on) display, exhibit, present, install;
organize, put on, stage
3 [no object] Grow larger or more numerous: the costs mount up when you buy a home
More example sentences
  • If the school has a long list of uniform requirements the costs can mount up rapidly, particularly as the child might quickly grow out of an expensive blazer or need new sports shoes.
  • The astronomical interest rates charged by some credit card and loan companies and the financial pressures of modern living mean debts can mount up at an all-too-alarming rate.
  • With planning guidelines requiring that a survey be carried out and the cost be borne by the developer before any permission is given, the costs can quickly mount up.
increase, grow, rise, escalate, soar, spiral, shoot up, rocket, climb, accumulate, build up, multiply
3.1(Of a feeling) become stronger or more intense: his anxiety mounted as messages were left unanswered
More example sentences
  • Community fears are mounting over the proposed foreshore redevelopment and port enhancement.
  • Mitch looked up at Zach in disbelief, anger mounting.
  • Her jealously and frustration mounting, Tessa interrupted once more.
4Place or fix (an object) in its operating position: fluorescent lights are mounted on the ceiling the engine is mounted behind the rear seats
More example sentences
  • The engine is mounted on a deck supported by four adjustable wheels, all connected to a long handle that has controls for operation.
  • He asked students to frame and focus certain objects using a camera mounted on a tripod and click.
  • The test strips for measuring glucose contain a measuring pad mounted on a solid support strip.
install, place, fix, set, put up, put in position
4.1Set in or attach to a backing or setting: the photographs will be mounted and framed
More example sentences
  • The modern world intrudes, too, in the form of small framed photographs mounted on a work's surface.
  • He mounts photomontages of nightmarish imagery, amusing and dangerous, on all kinds of rich and startling supports.
  • Another factor to consider is how the photograph is mounted.
4.2Fix (an object for viewing) on a microscope slide.
Example sentences
  • They were then washed with purified water, allowed to dry and mounted onto microscope slides, cells side up.
  • The stained roots were mounted in lactoglycerol onto microscope slides.
  • The treated millipedes were then mounted between two glass microscope slides using Euparal mounting medium.
4.3 Computing Make (a disk or disk drive) available for use.
Example sentences
  • To have a look at the contents of the disk image, mount it as a loop device using these commands.
  • It has also been claimed that part or all of the device's memory can be mounted on a host computer's desktop as a removable storage device.
  • Finally, the site administrator makes the package available by mounting it (one or more times) via the administrative site map.


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1A backing or setting on which a photograph, gem, or work of art is set for display.
Example sentences
  • These are fourteen-by-seventeen-inch platinum prints, each in art deco mounts and signed by Curtis.
  • He also employed Galle to regild the mounts with matt gilding.
  • One meter by one and a half: those were the largest sheets of cardboard you could buy, and we used them for the mounts.
1.1A glass microscope slide for securing a specimen to be viewed.
Example sentences
  • Purkinje was the first to make glass slide mounts with Canada balsam.
  • Spores may be demonstrated by phase-contrast microscopy of wet mounts, where they appear mature and retractile.
  • The medical technologist prepared a wet mount of the specimen to determine if an adequate number of columnar epithelial cells were present.
1.2 Philately A clear plastic or paper sleeve used to display a postage stamp.
Example sentences
  • Millions of collectors throughout the world have used these mounts for the safe keeping of their valuable stamps.
  • Because stamps are damaged by glue, tape and other commercial adhesives, collectors use only stamp hinges and stamp mounts that are specially designed for postage stamp display.
  • Stamp mounts allow you to safely secure your stamps to an album page, without damaging the stamp.
2A support for a gun, camera, or similar piece of equipment.
Example sentences
  • Jonah rigged up a narrow plywood sheet with screws threaded in at various points; it's now our camera mount and steadicam in one.
  • These aircraft had larger freight doors and were fitted with the necessary camera mounts and photo ports.
  • This might necessitate a steel reinforcing plate in the cargo bed to support the mount, but this would provide additional mine protection.
3A horse being ridden or that is available for riding: he hung onto his mount’s bridle
More example sentences
  • They were prized as racing and riding mounts for warriors and tribal leaders.
  • Some soldiers had saved their mounts by hiding them on farms; other horses had been sequestered in countries far and wide.
  • He took the class lead when he rode his mount, Éclair, to a penalty-free ride in 54.582 seconds.
3.1An opportunity to ride a horse, especially as a jockey: the jockey’s injuries forced him to give up the coveted mount on Cool Ground
More example sentences
  • Richard Hughes picks up the mount after jockey Olivier Peslier was injured this week.
  • Jockey Alan Daly, who did ride on Saturday, picked up two mounts on horses that other jockeys had refused to ride in protest of the low purses.
  • He could achieve his goal on Sunday; he is set to ride seven mounts on the nine race card at the Northern California oval.


mount guard
Keep watch, especially for protection or to prevent escape.
Example sentences
  • Four silent sentinels still mounted guard at each corner of the coffin but the long queues of visitors had gone.
  • Villagers now have to mount guard on their homes and crops at night making loud noises and letting off fireworks to scare off marauding boars.
  • She and Amber had been mounting guard outside the sitting room.


Example sentences
  • One year, when I was small enough to do so, I had a lot of fun pretending that a furry rug on the arm of a sofa was some breed of mountable animal.
  • The award, a mountable inscribed plaque, was presented to the project managers of the bridge, at a cocktail function in Midrand on 27 October.
  • The unit, which company representative say has yet to be named, also came with a mountable stand that the USB drive can snap into and become a Web cam.
Pronunciation: /ˈmoun(t)ər/
Example sentences
  • The cellular mounter can be used to process products ranging from microchips to large connectors.
  • Unlike most other mounters, the Mezzadri plate alignment is mechanical instead of visual.
  • These listings include biographical aspects of the mounters, addresses and references to other works where appropriate.


Middle English: from Old French munter, based on Latin mons, mont- 'mountain'.

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There are 2 main definitions of mount in English:

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mount 2 Syllabification: mount


1A mountain or hill (archaic except in place names): Mount Etna
More example sentences
  • Yet the Jewish people were not permitted to stay there for more than a short while, and the mount was never given significance as a holy site.
  • How wonderful, therefore, to see water lapping against the foot of the mount at Clifford's Tower, just as its builders intended.
  • The special status of Mount Everest was confirmed back in 1852, when the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India determined that Everest (or Peak XV, as it was known then) was indeed the highest mountain in the world.
1.1Any of several fleshy prominences on the palm of the hand regarded in palmistry as signifying the degree of influence of a particular planet: mount of Mars
More example sentences
  • Sometimes only a single line can be seen crossing the palm below the mounts under the fingers.
  • Figure 4 shows the traditional rulership between lines and mounts.
  • In order to judge the value and success of the Fate Line, the lines of Life and Head, together with the ruling mounts and thumb must be in good formation.


Old English munt, from Latin mons, mont- 'mountain', reinforced in Middle English by Old French mont.

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