There are 2 main definitions of mow in English:

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mow 1

Pronunciation: /mō/

verb (past participle mowed or mown /mōn/)

[with object]
1Cut down (an area of grass) with a machine: Roger mowed the lawn (as adjective mown) the smell of newly mown grass
More example sentences
  • When they did sit down to eat, they were surrounded by the smell of newly mown grass.
  • It was a hot day and the windows were open and the smell of newly mown grass wafted in from the playing fields.
  • As I walked up the freshly mowed lawn, I saw the usual sight.
cut (down), trim;
crop, clip, prune, manicure
1.1chiefly historical Cut down (grass or a cereal crop) with a scythe or a sickle.
Example sentences
  • In the mosque courtyard, workers mowed grass, raked out brush and freshened up old flower beds with new green plants.
  • The illustrations in such medieval prayer books represented the work of the season: here a peasant mows a meadow.
  • We know of several people who mow lawns with a scythe.

Phrasal verbs

mow someone down

Kill someone with a fusillade of bullets or other missiles.
Example sentences
  • On Friday, 20 guerrillas captured 8 policemen at a checkpoint near the city, took them to their offices, and mowed them down with gunfire.
  • It's about one of the prisoners who did escape as they were marched out there, blindfolded and put before mass graves, and they mowed them down and they buried them.
  • It is not surprising that they were mown down by machine-gun fire.
kill, run down, gun down, shoot down, cut down, cut to pieces, butcher, slaughter, massacre, annihilate, wipe out
informal blow away
1.1Recklessly knock someone down with a car or other vehicle.
Example sentences
  • The customer service worker said: ‘Not only could he have mown us down but he could have hurt other innocent victims as he drove like a maniac in the busy centre roads.’
  • The family of an interior designer mown down by a hit-and-run driver are urging witnesses to help police catch him.
  • A father has described the horror of seeing his six-year-old boy mowed down by a hit-and-run driver.


Old English māwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch maaien, German mähen 'mow', also to mead2.

Words that rhyme with mow

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There are 2 main definitions of mow in English:

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mow 2

Pronunciation: /mou/


[often with modifier] North American or dialect
1A stack of hay, grain, or other similar crop: the hay mow
More example sentences
  • The main theme of his article was about how hay knives were used to cut sections from the stack or mow.
  • Most often it was set up in a barn beside the mow of loose hay.
  • And before night they'd finished threshing the whole mow of wheat.
1.1A place in a barn where a stack of hay or grain is put.
Example sentences
  • By July 15th or 20th, the hay was all stowed away in the barn mows.
  • Seventy and more years ago, loose hay for feed and straw for bedding were lifted into the mows by a system of knives and pulleys.
  • A small, freshly planked room below the straw mow was filled with oats, enough to last until next August.


Old English mūga; of unknown ultimate origin; compare with Swedish and Norwegian muga 'heap'.

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