Definition of nearby in English:


Syllabification: near·by


Pronunciation: /ˈnirbī
Close at hand; not far away: he slung his jacket over a nearby chair
More example sentences
  • But Mr Dodsworth claimed that nearby residents had all been in the dark.
  • He believes that nearby shops may be using the banks to dump cardboard boxes.
  • And the copper giant has also adopted three primary health centres in nearby villages.
not far away/off, close/near at hand, close by, close, near, within reach, at hand, neighboring;
accessible, handy, convenient


Pronunciation: /nirˈbī
(British also near by) Back to top  
Close by; very near: his four sisters live nearby
More example sentences
  • Luckily we have relations who live nearby and we were able to go and stay with them over night.
  • Joe was lurking somewhere nearby, as he always is.
  • But after some hours had passed, she realized that she could hear a sound somewhere nearby.
close by, close/near at hand, near, close, a short distance away, in the neighborhood, in the vicinity, at hand, within reach, on the doorstep, (just) around the corner

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