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Pronunciation: /ˈnektər/


1A sugary fluid secreted by plants, especially within flowers to encourage pollination by insects and other animals. It is collected by bees to make into honey.
Example sentences
  • The number of flowers per inflorescence and the volume of nectar secreted per flower were not correlated.
  • Flowers offering both nectar and pollen were, as expected, pollinated by diverse small insects, including small bees.
  • The mistletoe usually ceases to produce nectar within the flower once it is opened, thereby encouraging birds to concentrate on opening new flowers rather than revisiting old ones.
2(In Greek and Roman mythology) the drink of the gods.
Example sentences
  • So they have a special drink called nectar, and they eat food which is ambrosia, which is immortal.
  • Ambrosia, nectar, soma, these swill through our myths and histories
  • The thirst that from the soul doth rise, doth ask a drink divine, but might I of Jove's nectar cup, I will not change for thine.
2.1A delicious drink: the cold beer at the pub was nectar
More example sentences
  • The Hot & Sour Chicken Soup served in a coconut at 32 yuan is appealing and a spoon is necessary to get every drop of the delicious nectar.
  • In my euphoric state it tasted of nectar, crisp, cool, subtle, delicious.
  • The industry fills a staggering 50 million-plus bottles of the amber nectar every year.
2.2North American A thick fruit juice: peach nectar
More example sentences
  • With technological advancements, mangoes are processed into juice, nectar, squash, pulp, jam, and what not.
  • I'm used to Emily saying things like that, so I don't take any notice, just nod and pick up a bottle of peach nectar off the shelf, slosh it around, wrinkle my nose.
  • She put it down and grabbed the peach nectar, putting it back into the fridge and returning the vodka to the cabinet, removing the evidence.



Pronunciation: /nekˈte(ə)rēən/
Example sentences
  • O my merciful Lord Chaitanya, may the nectarean Ganges waters of Your transcendental activities flow on the surface of my desert-like tongue.
  • The wise men, the great sages and pure devotees, are to drink the nectarean milk of Bhagavad-gita.
  • I shall take the nectarean water that has washed the lotus feet of such a devotee and carry it on my head.


Pronunciation: /nekˈte(ə)rēəs/
Example sentences
  • There's definitely a great round-up of delicious, ambrosial and nectareous recipes for all of us to try!
  • The 1998 vintage is particularly well balance and has a long nectareous after taste.
  • He had never tasted such delicious, scrumptious, crispy, luscious, delectable, exquisite, ambrosial, nectareous, yummy lettuce in aaaaaaall of his life.


Pronunciation: /-əs/
Example sentences
  • A nectarous glass of iced coffee on the terrace of the Taverna Dionysus, and I took the road to Chora Sfakion.
  • At the pinnacle of Australian sweet wines, however, are the nectarous Liqueur Muscats and Tokays.
  • Fresh milk from the cow carries the slightest hint of her sweet scent; it is nectarous on the tongue, and fills the mouth with a soft buttery finish.


Mid 16th century (sense 2): via Latin from Greek nektar.

  • In Greek and Roman mythology nectar was the drink of the gods. Today you might sometimes hear a delicious drink being described as nectar, and in America it is the usual term for a thick fruit drink. The word took on its usual modern meaning ‘a sugary fluid secreted in flowers’ in the early 17th century. Nectarine (early 17th century), now the name of a smooth-skinned kind of peach, was originally an adjective meaning ‘like nectar’.

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Syllabification: nec·tar

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